Amazon prime day

It’s coming. I don’t have Amazon prime but my siblings do and I want some things.


We get two Prime Days this year to make up for there being none last year. I emailed to complain about the lack of Prime Day last year and received a gift card for $100 from Amazon.


I been holding off some home necessities purchase for the July 4 sales.

Hope i can find some good deals.

Gee, how do you email them?

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Well, by email I mean I used a contact form on their site. Pointed out that a major reason of having Prime is Prime Day and it’s a rip off if they don’t offer it. Felt to me like they were not fulfilling their end of the bargain. I’m a very good customer of Amazon, the type they don’t want going back to shopping bricks and mortar.


Thanks @velociraptor

Your the man, Velicitaptor, lol.

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