Am lazy or depressed?

My doctor doesn’t want to prescribe me antidepressants and it’s okay because I told him that I may deal with it by doing physical exercises, eating well, maybe trying relaxation and meditation, taking some time to have fun, socializing and, well, living life.

But I’m doing nothing of that. I look outside and it’s cold and there’s wind, so I don’t go out to do physical exercises. I ate some tablets of chocolate and I’m not meditating at all. I’m having fun by watching movies but I don’t see my friends for a month (just relatives).

Why I don’t see my friends? Because I feel ashamed for not studying or having a job.

I don’t want to study or work on a job that I don’t like. I know I’ll give up soon if I take something I don’t like. It’s not that I don’t want to help people, it’s just that I can’t work with a thing that I don’t feel good.

Maybe I’m not depressed, maybe I’m just lazy.

Edit: and, God, I shouldn’t open Facebook because my wall is full of negative stuff (I try to block these negative stuff, but they keep coming back. It seems people love to share negative news like politics and religion).

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Gosh, I need a dog.

If you’re lazy, it’s not because you just decided to be lazy. It’s a symptom of sz so don’t get down on yourself. If you;re depressed, I would question if your doctor has your best interests at heart not prescribing you an AD. Might want to find someone who can get you what you need.

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I’m remember those days I had negative symptoms. I wouldn’t stand even to go to this computer and type you this message. I know that feeling and it’s not the same, so I think it’s not the disease or whatever.

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