What did your doctor try for your negative symptoms?

I’m lazy and don’t do ■■■■ all day. I don’t find joy in playing video games or learning languages. I want to try Minocycline but I don’t think my doctor will let me. I’m currently on atomoxetine for negative symptoms. It could be the reason I’m lazy. He suggested wellbutrini. I don’t want to shower and brush my teeth. What’s my problem? Doctor says I’m on a high milligram of Latuda and he thinks I’m just sedated.

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I find my depression effects this greatly. I still try to have good hygiene because even i get bothered by my own stink. But many activities i have found enjoyable have lost all luster. I don’t really know how to solve the problem other then force myself to try and enjoy the activity im trying to enjoy. My best and only tactic is fake it till i make it. But that eventually builds to the point where i can’t fake it and go right back into being a miserable ■■■■■■■. On the positive side theres always tons of other activites out there that would be new to u and what ive learned with that is, whenever some type of hobby is new it is always the most fun

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They just gave me some weak anti depressant and I just told them I didn’t need it after awhile.


My doctor tried Wellbutrin and it worked for me.

Forcing a routine makes it look like it helps. But if I quit routine I’ll slide back into doing nothing.
I bought a blue light box started that a couple days ago I will see how that goes

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You should try out sarcosine I think it helps.

Amisulpride and olanzapine helps for me a bit.