Am I the same social class as my parents?

My parents are working class, they were poor, never been abroad or even out the county, etc. I spent from ages 11 until 17 living in foster family who wore a wealthy middle class family. They took me abroad many times and I enjoyed a very middle classed upbringing. I have followed this through into my adulthood, especially the love of traveling and I go away often. Will I always been working class even though I live a little class lifestyle?

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I don’t think class matters that much. If you are living a lifestyle that fulfills you, that’s what counts.


Agree with shutterbug. Has anything really changed if you come to some conclusion about what class you are in? Or is it all just basically in your head?

Once you reach adulthood and you’re living on your own and independent of your parents you pretty much have to make your own class. You may have been raised high class but if you are poor you are no longer high class. I grew up middle class but now I’m on my own and to call a spade a spade, I’m lower class because I’m poor. I can’t call myself middle class.

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Youre not in a high income bracket, don’t have educational attainments, and no inherent wealth. Taking trips is not a class indicator. Social class is not that important, and is basically used by government to monitor human development progress.


It’s more important in Britain.

More important to who? It’s only important if you make it so.

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I would imagine you would be sorted amongst the working classes of britain. If the social welfare system failed you would have to work as a labourer, no?

Yes. I sometimes use Britain as an example of ‘things not to do’.

You should look into the matrimonial sites these days.

I don’t understand the logic :thinking:

My late father was raised in a lower middle class family.He got a scholarship to one of the top non boarding private schools.Was an army officer for a very short while . Joined the Foreign office. Has/had an entry in Who’s who. Retired as the diplomatic equivalent of a 2* general.

I was privately educated at prep and public school. Never had a paid job due to SMI and undiagnosed autism. Live in social housing. I’m nowhere near as well off as my father was. I’ve not mixed socially with the kind of posh people that had a prep and public school education for nearly 5 decades. The only middle class thing about me I’ll not mention, as it involves something we’re not allowed to talk about. It’s not hard to work out though, based on comments I’ve made over many years posting on this forum.

You’r not, Bobbilly. You need to start snorting snuff, attend socialite events and go everywhere with a full armor. And Charles III would need to accolade you with his sword.

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Even tho I am well-educated with a master’s degree, I would be considered lower class based on my income and use of social safety programs like food stamps and housing assistance. My parents are considered upper-middle class, and my grandparents were upper class. So my family has moved “down” the social class bracket over the generations.

It’s funny, tho, how I am considered “upper lower class” by some of my peers because I have a vehicle and a clean place to live and clean clothes…some of my peers at the clubhouse struggle to stay housed, feed themselves, and save money…so I am very grateful for the lifestyle I am able to maintain and do not consider myself as having a very difficult life when compared to them.

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I had almost the same questions about myself, but i wouldn’t have been better even in an upper class…
I really try to change now for the better and its mainly the virtues and the truths, wholl pull us out of some misery… :smirk::smirk:
I hope that am right and ill send you now one quote of Beethoven heh…
Hugs :people_hugging::people_hugging::gift_heart:

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