Am i the only one who loves being in psych hospital

ive never been to the hospital. almost had my mom take me when i was suicidal during benzo withdrawal but i drank whiskey to calm down (would not recommend doing this) now its been 14 months since i stopped klonopin cold turkey and im doing fine, rarely ever drink now too because it makes me depressed

The hospitals I’ve been at have been a lot better than what many people here are reporting from theirs. In spite of that, I regard the environment as depressive, impoverished, and boring.

As for smoking, most wards here have a smoking room with special ventilation equipment. As for the other wards, they are open enough that you can go outdoors to smoke.


There was nothing therapeutic about my hospital stays.

They made me worse and amplified my symptoms while antagonizing me at the same time.

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Nice to see you back @TomCat


I despise this psych ward… they let u watch tv from 4-10pm and u can only go for smokes after 4 pm. From 6 am till 4pm u go for 3 smokes… o and there’s only 2 channels on the tv and u can’t have electronics… basically I just lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling… the only thing I like about this place is the food…my friend said jail is better cause u at least to get to see a fight or 2