Am I talking or just delusional?

ok so ive been schizophrenic for about a year now, or atleast i think i am. i havnet gone to see a doctor i will soon though as soon as i qualify for insurance. so for a year now ive been feeling like im talking. but i dont see myself talk when i look in mirror or when i record myself, i also cant hear myself when i talk witch makes me think that im just delusional or something. when i talk, im talking 24/7. from the moment i wake up to the moment i fall asleep. im usually talking to the people around me. the voices that respond bck are really convincing that im talking (the voices being from the people around me) what is going on am i just delusional or am i really am talking???

I have no idea man… really, you should see a doctor about that.
Good luck!


can you tell me if im screaming or talking?

You’re quiet there man, no talking whatsoever.

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im sorry im gonna show you another video i felt like that one was to short

No talking man, nothing. But you can talk right? If you want to.

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thanks man i feel like im still gonna get convinced by someone that im talking like right now i hear someone whistling making me think that im dumb for even asking if im talking… i guess its all in my head. and yeah i can still talk to people. i did read something about people thinking their minds are being read but in my case i feel like im talking

You should really go see a doctor, there’s hope for not living like that you know?


this sounds rather strange…

do you know what you are talking about when this occurs?

I mean… it sounds like a simple glitch… perhaps you have often said things that you regretted saying and that feeling of thinking you had just said something you should have just lingers around…

Just speculating here…

But if you’re hearing voices you should see a doctor… perhaps meds will quell it back so you can see the world a bit more normally again… you can start working on that on your own…

My guess is that you are partially mesmerized by what is going on… that is going to take time to pass.

Keep us updated man… this doesn’t sound like fun… I hear voices… meds no meds whatever… I don’t think mine are going to stop (oh well oh well oh well)… but I feel for you man.

Take care

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i will soon on april 1st when my birthday hits im gonna see if i qualify for insurance and if i dont ill still see a doctor i just have to hold on for one more month and i can only hope for the best

It’s going to be alright, if you need anything we’re here for you.

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well when i know that im really talking im usually just having small talk with people but when “I THINK” that im talking i spend most of the time just arguing with my family. trying to prove that im always right about everything. and theyre usually responds are “you think” “ooohh my” “really?” and one time i was actually walking down street and some guy screams from hes car “I HEAR VOICES” wich really convinced me that i was talking.

yeah ill come back and upload another video. cause i already feel like this video may have not worked cause of me knowing that the camera was recording. ill record myself when im not thinking about the camera.

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and about the hearing voices. i can kinda undesrstand what youre going thru. just gotta keep going

You don’t agree with your folks on many things?

is this about life in general or something else?

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well i talk to my family nice have short conversation and everything but when i start feeling like im not talking but i am i guess i just argue about life in general and well they never say anything back im the one doing all the “talking” and i guess you can kinda say i argue with my self… let me give you an example i would be like “building muscle makes you burn fat faster” and then i would “say” “no it doesnt” and then i hear a bang on the floor or on the wall wich i think that my family is agreeing with the “no it doesnt” part so then i argue “yea it does ill google it” you know what i mean? i guess its my inner voice thats doing the arguing with me. its like im speaking my mind entirely i never get to think to myself i have no freedom in my head… im hoping its just all in my head.

well I’m hella delusional so I shouldn’t probably say anything right now… hate that kind of crap though… that’s all I can say…

but more muscle uses more energy = less fat… over time…

on the other hand more fat… more weight… more energy required… so I don’t know how all that balances out.

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Not sure, but if you cannot hear your voice it’s an internal voice.
I talk out loud very often, but I can hear my voice.

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yeah it does suck.