I talk alone

I speak, I talk, i yell, I say jokes etc.
I play many scenarios, I discuss with imaginary people, I talk all the time when I am alone.

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When I am with people, I don’t talk.
When I am alone, I talk rapidly and fluently

Are you schizophrenic? If you’re schizophrenic, such behaviors would be not too far from normal.

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Yes, I am. Why would I be here if I wasn’t? Lol

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I do too. I feel like my inner world is much easier to navigate and inner conversations I have with people inside my head are pleasurable, goes smoothly, I say exactly what I’m thinking and what I want to communicate. When I try to have the same conversations and realize it drains me of energy.

@S_Novia Welcome to the forum

Is that your real last name ? You might want to change it so it wouldn’t be so personal.

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I’m alone with my own thoughts a lot or whoevers thoughts these are. I spend a lot of time thinking about identity, which usually means I’m in crisis.

I’m with you Om, i’ll Catch myself having full conversations with myself, either debating the voices, or having these fantastical visions I lose myself in.

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I have full blown conversations with the voices I hear because some of them can read my mind and discuss what I’m thinking amongst themselves, and occasionally I have to chime in :slight_smile:

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