Am I supposed to have schizophrenia diagnostic?


i think this forum is suit for my current ‘weird’ activities, i am just can’t get if i supposed whether i have schizophrenia or not.

usually if i am alone, i always thinking about particular circumstances and have response to that: spoken as those things are really happen. it oftenlty happen. sometimes if i were in the crowd, i think by my self and start get respons to the circumstance which is only occured in my mind.

everynight i usually to think about how’s the society work and keep in mind that they have negative thiknking about my existence… i just can’t stand again about those things because it happen almost every all night long before my sleep. because of that, i usually got sleep in the early morning and really a big problem for my daily activites.

i am afraid that i have schizophrenia and the worst is have nobody here.

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You should go to a doctor and get yourself diagnosed, we can’t do that here for you.

Tell him or her exactly what you’re feeling.

The good news is you’re capable of seeking help on your own, so take advantage of that now.

Good luck!


No, the worst thing is to have schizophrenia, not start treatment for it soon enough, and wind up permanently damaging your brain because you were scared of the label. Schizophrenia is very treatable and it’s possible to have a quality life, but what quality you wind up with depends a lot on how early the intervention was in your illness.

Get to a doctor now if you want to get better. Also, while there’s a slim chance of this, these symptoms can also be caused by things like benign or malignant brain tumours. Might be a good idea to be checked for that as well?

Good luck.



I also suggest that you go to see a doctor - also remember to follow doctors orders and take any recommended medications they might offer you

Take care kate xxx

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I agree with what everyone is saying - see a doctor. Try to tell him your symptoms accurately. He should know what treatment is best.