Never seen a doctor. I have questions. Talk to me :)

So Ive been … Lets say broadcasting my thoughts for about ( Since Ive noticed ) 4 years. I have not been diagnosed or even seen a doctor. I just looked up broadcasting my thoughts and this forum popped up. Ive looked it up before when I first noticed and nothing came up. At that point I just tried to completly ignore it and have fun w. It. I have good days and bad days w. It. So I read other peoples things about it and how its a sympton of schizo. Which stopped me like what?? The thing w. Me is I truly believe people can hear me and I usually get a reaction from it. Never a spoken reaction. Just little things I connect. Like looking at me crazy if i said some crazy or laughing if some I said was funny. Usually I’m just like its a coincidence, its the universe talking to me. It sounds crazy out loud. But its soooo real in my to me. Especially when I have my own facts to prove it… I dont hear other voices. Its like just be on stage to everybody. Feel me? Someone of you believe in god and there are no set facts. & I think thats crazy. But its crazy to believe that my thoughts are broadcasted. I legit can sit with someone and they feel that ■■■■ too its like an energy.

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synchronicity is a part of schizophrenia that i experience too, thought broadcasting is really common with schizophrenia. you might need to go see a doctor

this doesn’t make sense

Doesn’t really sound like u have schizo, especially since ur able to manage and function in life. How old ru? That might be a clue as to whether or not its schizo.

no one here can tell you if you have schizophrenia or not. only a doctor can.

anyway @eduvigis, my dad was sick through out my whole childhood but he never was diagnosed until he finally went to a pdoc and the doctor said he was schizoaffective but that wasn’t until he was 48.

Not interested in talking to you until after you have talked to a doctor. Good luck.

Doesn’t really sound like it’s affecting you. It looks like you were bored so you’ve been trying to use superpowers. Your playing the connection game. It’s futile. It’s as real as you will try and make yourself belief it to be.


I was welcomed with open arms without talking to a doctor first

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of SZ or think you are, you should see a doctor. I’m here for peer support for those with SZ, not some sort of drive-by info booth for the curious.

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well I’ve talked to a doctor since :thinking: but I’m just saying, I didn’t know it was such a big deal if you’ve talked to a doctor or not?

You need to get the ball rolling by talking to a doctor. Those who don’t get medical attention don’t get better.

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If you g to a Dr and get on Meds, you may look back and think “I can’t believe I really thought I was thought broadcasting”. It is extremely common in SZ and other forms of psychosis. The fact that you “really believe it” is extremely common. If you didn’t really believe it, you wouldn’t qualify as psychotic, but you do believe it. Go see a Psychiatrist and be 100% honest with your beliefs. Can’t hurt, right?