Am I still a little psychotic?

Am I still a little psychotic?even after my meds treated me and brought me into remission(meds help me a lot),I still don’t much trust medicine,how can I change my thinking,I don’t wanna be a ungrateful ■■■■■■■

just be a nice guy a take what you need, if its not working talk to your p/doc

take care x

It’s still possible to have psychotic tendencies when on meds, I still have positive symptoms despite meds the only difference is I can now challenge those beliefs. There is also the issue we don’t forget what happened when we were acutely ill, we remember our beliefs and experiences to a vivid extent, we remember we didn’t trust meds etc and on a biology level those beliefs went form short term memory and was processed into long term memory which can be retrieved at any time say with not trusting meds when you get a new prescription or a pill looks different (that’s what happens with me anyway) and that memory will be retrieved, so there are explanations.

If you still feel you’re a tad psychotic though, maybe discuss this with your doctor? It could be you just need time and as you stay stable those thoughts will no longer be trustworthy and you won’t pay attention to them. Good luck and take care!

I always consider myself to be psychotic when I’m NOT in control of myself. When I’m getting agitated, panicky, and paranoid and my mind starts to race and my ability to communicate locks down and I FEEL myself regress…
That might not be the “Clinical” definition of psychotic, but it’s how I feel it is… when its happened to me.

If I’m still even a little lucid… If you can talk to me and I can answer you at least with in the ball park, or you can get my attention in anyway and help me come back off that ledge, then I don’t consider myself psychotic.

But I do still have positive symptoms that hang in there. I do have to fight some delusions… but if I can get up and put my pants on and eat my breakfast and take my meds and answer a question, I don’t consider myself psychotic.

I know I’m psychotic when I start believing that everyone around me can hear my thoughts. Now I don’t believe that anymore. I don’t think I ever will again tbh. Plain old logic and experience have taught me that it’s just not possible. My mind has been fragmented. That’s it in a nutshell. I have many personalities in my mind but I am not telepathic. I will never believe that again. Quite how it was done I don’t know. All I do know is it took lots of pain to make it work. It still amazes me that it went on for so long tbh. I must’ve been hurt really badly…rapes, torture, u name it I’ve been through it. Am I still psychotic? No. In a word. I now know what’s up and I think I can fix it given enough time and money.