Am I really psychotic?

Thinking about this
My doc wrote ”the patient has psychosis with delusions and paranoia”

You should trust your dr

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How are you doing today?
You don’t seem to be in psychosis at the moment.

I’m doing okay, what about you

I been up since 6AM and just got coffee. Its 10AM now.

I struggle with getting up and taking my meds. Cause I have to take it with food.
But gotta do what I gotta do.

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I guess it’s evening for you. So how was your day.

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It was ok
I’m gonna sleep soon

So you like to read your doc session notes? Mine are in a health app. I don’t like reading session notes.

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How can anyone here actually know the answer to this?!?


I ask myself the same question sometimes! It’s hard to know. Trust that the drs will know better.

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Trust-Count is at two at the moment.
Do I hear three? Do I hear three anywhere? Anyone?
Going once, going twice, going three times, sold!

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Yes, maybe not now but from some posts youve made some things sounded like it was psychosis

I ask myself this all the time. Was I really psychotic? According to my pdoc you can’t fake it especially in my case 13 times.


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