Am i overthinking this?

I’m feeling a bit paranoid right now. I was sitting in the living room and looking out the main window and two cars drove by. Both times the driver was looking directly at my house. What if they are scoping out my house so they can break in tonight and rob and maybe kill me?

I have no car in my driveway so thugs could think no one is home, so my house is a good candidate to break into.

Why wouldnt they keep their eyes on the road? Instead they both looked at my house.



Could they have been looking for an address?


Were you looking out the window very obviously?

Because they could have been looking at you in the window,

Not trying to look at the house.

Just noticing.


It could also be coincidental.
Have you seen ■■■■ on twins separated at birth?

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I was looking out the window about a meter away sitting on the couch. I dont think they’d be able to see me through my blinds.


That is a little creepy but it could very well be innocent. I would try not to feel too paranoid but maybe do things to make yourself feel better. Turn on the front light, maybe a lamp or tv inside to make it less desirable. It’s really probably nothing though.


I agree with @TheIdlerWheel do things that make you feel better and help make the place less desirable I’m sure it’s fine


I notice people looking at my house when I’m looking out the window.

People look at houses.

I really don’t think you’re at any greater risk than usual of something happening.

Do you have a security system or animals in the house?

I have my dogs and they’d bark as soon as anything remotely weird went down.


I think you will be okay. They could have been interested for a lot of other more practical reasons.

Maybe there was an interesting bird perched on your roof. It could have also been an eye contact moment. That happens to me when driving. I look at someone, they look back, and it is awkward for a second :stuck_out_tongue:. I think a good reason they both looked together is coz we tend to do that naturally. If one person someone is with stares in a direction, the other is far more likely to join in.

I hope you can find peace of mind, or atleast something to preoccupy you.

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Just turned the outside lights on for the night. Put 2 new lightbulbs in. This should let criminals know we are home.


There’s more money and less risk in slipping a chain around someone’s catalytic converter and driving off with it than breaking into someone’s home. Most crime is druggies looking for a quick, low risk score. Having lights on and no vehicle to poach stuff from probably crosses you off their list.


I think you are overthinking it. You would be talking about a crime of opportunity robbery, and those criminals think about crimes when there is no one around. Seeing you, doesn’t make them want to commit a crime. They’d rather steal when no one is home. Yes, if it would help, keep a light on and lock the doors. Try to distract yourself with something funny on tv and try to relax.

I think the general public is snoopy. People like to look. Doesn’t mean they are planning anything, they are just enormous rubber necking snoops.


Perfect. That is a good precaution and step to take.

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Thanks everyone, I am feeling a bit better now.


I have a bad habit sometimes I am the looker I just look to see what someone’s watching or just what the inside of their house looks like for ideas when there blinds are open. I’m not trying to rob anyone just curiosity or nosey lol


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