Am I overreacting to this?

When I buy new clothes, they feel so comfy and fit nicely. Then, as soon as they go into the washing machine, they feel “ruined”. They no longer feel so nice and are tighter on me even though I haven’t gained weight. It still makes me feel fat though. Why does the washing machine have to keep ruining my clothes?
Making them not feel nice.

So I have to keep buying new clothes. Only for that damn machine to ruin them again.

I don’t know if I’m imagining these changes in my clothes or if they’re really happening.

Just a while back, I threw out over half of my wardrobe. The clothes I threw out were ones I wore often at college and they felt contaminated by “stuff” that I can’t identify or explain. I couldn’t bare to look at them. They felt ruined. Wearing them made me feel ruined.

I hate wearing clothes because of this. I don’t mind my dressing gowns and coats but I can’t go outside in just those can I?
Some pyjamas are okay but the same applies to those.

But all of my other clothes are RUINED and it’s driving me mad. I wish they didn’t have to be washed. I’m so mad about this.

What temperature are you washing them on?

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It’s not usually the washing machine but the dryer. Try drying on lower temps or just hang dry. You can also hand wash if you want to. My wife is a master at this and has clothes that have lasted 15 - 20 years with proper care. Machines can destroy clothes depending on how they work and how you set them


Yeah, the best thing is to wash them on 30C and then hang them up. Also, don’t use too much detergent and don’t use high spin speeds unless you’ve checked that all your clothes can handle it.

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You could hand wash a few items of clothing you simply want to refresh, then squeeze them out and drip dry them on an outside clothes line. Most important tip is to avoid tumble drying your clothes altogether. The heat and constant turning will damage the fabric very quickly. It is inconvenient, and not to mention, expensive to have to buy new clothes every six-eight months. Primark is cheapest to get the latest fashion at market stall prices but it can soon add up.

or if you want to dry them inside there are collapsible drying racks for clothes that can fit in your bath tub or laundry room

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Woah! I have to get one of those!
But first, I need to buy a place big enough to justify owning a bath tub. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Man, this place is so small, it’s too crowded even when I’m alone.


I agree with what others are saying,

You shouldn’t put them in the dryer, and always wash them cold.


You could just wash all your new clothes before you wear them so you have nothing to compare them clothes to.

That’s what I would do.