Am I lazy or is it the illness?

I did a trial work period of 35 hours. It was good and all, but when it ended I was happy. They’re gonna want me to do another work thing. This time with the intention of me getting hired. But I don’t want to! Is this some A word??? Like avolition or anedonia or something !?? I like making my music I could do it all day long so I’m not THAT lazy. But working a 9-5 or even a 9-1…I’m not so crazy about it??? Damn!!


I dont think your lazy man… I think its the illness


I know for myself, I’d work if I could. But, even normies can have problems with motivation. A person really needs to go with their strengths, also.


The lack of motivations is really common with this illness, negative symptoms are often overlooked but they can be just or more damaging that the positive symptoms. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


I work almost 40 hours a week and it is very painful. I find myself constantly waiting for it to end and glorifying the days that I have off. It’s partly the illness because I know it wasn’t as bad before. Plus the anxiety it gives me is a lot worse.


My anxiety has improved 10000%, but still it’s there. It used to be so bad it was like I was living in hell.

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I don’t think it’s sza (but I also don’t think you’re lazy) because normal people don’t want to work either. It’s perfectly normal to not want to work.


I would take any job, any job is better than no job.
But I don’t blame you, if I don’t need to work in order to live independently I may not work.
I would take any job really and try to move to a better job, perhaps start a business, be an importer,
But if I can live independently and be all right financially without having to work, that’s preferable.
I currently can’t do anything mainly due to schizophrenia.

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It’s not lazy, no one really wants to work, that’s why they retire.

The vast majority of people are not “crazy” about working , it pays the bills. I initially enjoyed my jobs but as time went on I got bored. I get bored easily. I find I work better when the work is repetitive. But it gets boring and there’s no getting away from that.

Did I mention work is boring ?


Yes u did!!! Lol!!! But I get it…

I used to work 40 hours a week for whole summers when I was 16-20

Then I got hospitalized the summer of my 20th birthday…and ever sicne I can hardly work 20 hours so maybe its partly cuz of the illness idk.

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Maybe … possibly a combination of factors. I’m sure you are more than capable. Even if you do work 20 hours. I’m not sure about the nature of your work. Is it quite repetitive ?

It was quite repetitive. Same customers every day. Same routine. I’d like to work in like a coffee shop or something.

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I think one of the most painful things is being called lazy when you are really struggling just to barely function. You may as well go up to someone in a full body cast and call them lazy for not moving around more and being more active. It’s just cruel…if you know someone has mental health issues you should never call them lazy because you don’t know what they are struggling with…


@Anna there will always be trolls, I hear deeply prejudiced refrains when I go to the health club,
best not to pay any attention to it, it is possible to explain to the relevant person that he/she is wrong
if you have the opportunity and inclination to do so,but in any case even if you do this you should quickly move on
after that and not dwell on it.

Well, IF it is ONLY about happiness, it could be laziness.

I used to work customer service jobs and now that I am not working with customers my job is 100% more enjoyable. It’s way less stressful to not have to serve customers. That being said I am diligently working on-line to set myself up for working from home which I would consider something similar to retirement. I would love to have to never work as an employee ever again because I do really hate working. Although I think it might get boring without a job I think I can find other things to do with my time.

So much of life is about doing things you don’t want to do, but have to do. It doesn’t all have to be enjoyable.


I absolutely loved my job. I got paid to fly helicopters and airplanes. Even flew over 150 combat missions and it was even fun flying when you were getting shot at. Thankfully I never got shot though or shot down. . I would love to still have a flying job but I am not ruling out going back to work. They say if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life.

I used to have that.

I would have to come off all the meds and have a doctor refute the sz diagnosis to have a shot at flying again for a living. I don’t see that happening though.

But yes to answer your question I think it is the illness.