Is this just laziness?

I don’t feel like working in any job because I don’t have the motivation to do something to achieve something in life.

My father is saying that you are like that only because you don’t have a family to feed. Nobody is dependent on you so you just like being lazy. My father says if I had a wife and kids then I would have been motivated to take care of them and find myself a job.

Is this the truth ? I can’t figure out.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2015. Since then I haven’t worked anywhere. I have zero work experience iny life.

Sometimes mental illnesses cause motivation problems if it’s because of lack of motivation from the illness than it’s definitely not laziness and a lot of people don’t know or understand that


You know.
I have extreme negative symptoms that make me lose complete interest in anything that brings normal people feeling reward. Even my previous self.

Even accomplishing things I loved feels.
I watch people do what I used to love to do create and after I finish a project I don’t want to do it again. I know I can. I think it looks fine.

I’m not lazy.

I can’t work. But I will do things like cook clean things I dreaded before. But if I can’t enjoy my hobbies passions. Things I’m good at. I might as well do something productive.

Your parents can never experience what it’s like to have negative symptoms.

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I think what you are saying is true

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Yes and no. It sounds like you have pronounced negative symptoms.

Knowing I had a part in supporting my family really helped me push past negs, but it didn’t make them go away. Just meant I was exhausted while I was pushing. Still am.

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I’d say the amount of medication you take plays a large part if you can work or not. When I was on 10mg zyprexa or more I was not fit to work. This can differ from person to person though. Some tolerate more, some less, but at some point the side effects gets too heavy.

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I don’t think this is laziness; it might be negative symptoms. I’m experiencing it too. I used to have many hobbies, but after getting schizophrenia, I’m not interested in anything anymore except computer games. However, I now have a part-time job and want to turn it into a full-time one, but I’m not sure if I can keep it up.


My negative symptoms are making it hard for me to work in a job. I just feel drowsy throughout the day. I have insomnia as well.