Am I just delusional?

So i went camping with family recently and didnt purge at all the whole four days i was there. cut to now, i look in the mirror last night and i look like i weigh >200 pounds again. i dont know if im just seeing a warped image of myself (i feel like i look the same as i did when i was 250 anyway despite being 185) or if i really gained a lot of weight. im panicking really bad about it and feel the need to restrict what i eat even though i know thats bad. im not sure what to do in all honesty, everyone keeps telling me i look noticeably smaller than i used to but i feel like i look just as big. i feel like im so out of shape and am going to die from being overweight. if i go to my family they tell me im being silly and that i look fine but that doesnt really help me rationalize any of this. Idk what im even doing with my body anymore

Do you think it could be this?

Hey mateā€¦

Its all just chilled

Life is good stay strong mate

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