I think I may have body dysmorhia

I really apologise about the spelling if I got it wrong… i think I may have it and I don’t think its about being obese overweight or over how I look as much as it is about how disgusting I feel my body is … maybe that is a reason why I shy away from the intimacy… i don’t know :confused:

is this what you have?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  • Frequent examination of appearance in the mirror

  • Constantly comparing their appearance with other people

  • Seeking dermatological treatment or cosmetic surgery

  • Avoiding social events and photos

  • Seeking verbal reassurance

  • Excessive grooming

  • Restricted eating

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Compulsive behavior


I guess that answers the question… i donr think it is … thank you @Leaf

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You look alright in selfies.

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Im not completely happy with how I look but I’m not miserable either… also after clicking 1l000 images I find one selfie that I feel comfortable posting … sad but thats how it is

You look totally fine I’m telling you. But MI frustrates you and makes you look at everything with a pessimistic lens.

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I hate my body. It’s awful. I’m going to keep trying to lose weight. I hate having my pic taken. I regret that I can’t handle the way I look because I rarely took pictures with my daughter while she was growing up. But I just look so bad. The good news is I’m down 31 pounds so that’s a good start.

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