Am I in poverty?

when I can contemplate buying a takeaway pizza tonight and not think of the costs?

I think I don’t deserve benefits. I feel ashamed because of it. My community nurse says I’m not a malingerer as I have a mental health condition.

IDK. Doesn’t seem like you are in poverty to me. Your vacations and stuff seem quite luxurious. And you have a staff to boot. What your official designation is I have no idea though. The only reason I have money is because of backpay, the fact that I keep my expenses low, and save all the time. If I took vacations with a staff like you all the time, I would be broke. I think you are living pretty good.

I went for years with no money in order to get my backpay.

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I can see how this seems sounds insensitive. But they are taking me to Court of Protection (In England) and making out I can’t look after my money because they say I lack capacity…

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When I was on disability with 500 bucks spending money a month after paying rent I could buy take-out (takeaway) food every day, because that’s having almost 20 bucks to spend every day. But that is poverty.

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I’m not gonna say what our family income is (we do okay), but the fact is that you seem to have more dosh to throw at takeaway and vacations than my wife and I do. We’re both licensed, working professionals.

No, you’re definitely not poor.


That makes me thing I’m taking the pee.

Being in poverty means different things to different people. That’s one of the reasons we have so many possible ways of measuring it. Poverty is defined differently across different countries.

Whether you fall in the definition of UK’s definition of poverty. You’re needs might be different from someone else’s. Your circumstance maybe allows you to have extra income.

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I’m in poverty as I have absolute no family support

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I have money support… But family support is more important I think.

With the lifestyle you live and brag about on here it’s a little insensitive to ask if you’re living in poverty.


I’m on poverty.

You made a thread about going on vacation again after you got back from Sri Lanka.

Do you think poor people do this?


you know what me traveling aboard, means nothing.


It costs a lot of money.

So yes,

It means something.


But me going away doesn’t mean anything.

I don’t think you understand what poverty means.

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I’m not fullfilled

Your not in financial poverty but with an iq of 69 you definitely have lower intelect. So i guess mentally your in poverty.

Like you said you know your not in financial poverty.


I’m blessed I have a IQ of 69