Am I dying

My heart rate is 120-140bpm

Your blood pressure is high especially diastolic pressure.but i don t think it is lethal.and this kind of
Blood pressure pretty normal on ap users.don t worry

I meant heart rate not blood pressure

This terms look like indicator of blood pressure.heart rate usually a single number like 90 or 100

Ok its high.what is your blood pressure ?

115/90 or something likebthat

Ok its nice.usually important thing is blood pressure.heart rate usually is high on ap users.but 140 is little high.

Can clozapine cause high heart rate

Google says its one of the most common side effects

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Usually indicates anxiety at your age. Talk to your doctor about it.

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I dont feel anxious though

Otherwise a good answer

I think it’s anxiety even if you’re not aware of it. But just in case let a nurse know

They know, they measured my blood pressure

You may want to review your posting history!



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