What is your average Pulse Rate?

Mine is currently 115 beats per minute, it sometimes even goes upto 135.

The normal BPM should be anywhere between 60-100 beats per minute.

So will this be a major problem in the long run ?How to deal with it ?

Is this the major cause for restlessness and stress ?

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My pdoc measures it every time i meet him.
I always have such a high rate

I have thryoid problems my resting heart rate is about 115 bpm. Goes much higher when I’m moving around and stuff.

I have an amazing heart :heart:

My lungs :lungs: Meh :confused:

48-54 when fit. Otherwise 60

Around 67.

Those with high rates, is it always high or only when you stand up? If it’s only when you stand up (or just after you’ve been standing), check into POTS.

I have a consistently low pulse rate, around 45-60 and I think I should be concerned. I’m not in the best shape.

Mine’s 75 at the moment.
Sometimes my pulse feels weird, and I measure it with a special app. In those cases, it jumps to the mid 90’s

did they say that?
60 is pretty low. that’s where I’m at.
but I’m probably a vampire.

I just measured my pulse. It’s 84 bpm. But when I was on a higher dose of clozapine it was 120. That’s why my cardiologist requested my pdoc to lower my clozapine. It’s not healthy to have such a high heart rate.

Usually anywhere from 80-100 is my average. I am on metoprolol otherwise it would be 120.

Usually about 85.

Mine is 77 bpm at the moment, just sitting and reading this thread, but it would be higher if I weren’t taking a beta-blocker.


around 60 bpm for a couple years when i went on paliperidone my resting was close to 90

90-100 resting.

Mine is very high when I am in public. It has worried an endodontist and my doctor. I just told my doctor that I get nervous in public places.

My resting heart rate is usually somewhere inbetween 70-80.

Anywhere from 108 to 112.

90 to 105. My psychiatrist said a high pulse can lead to problems in the long term. I don’t remember what rates she said. Good question for the psychiatrist.

75-85 resting. Without metoprolol 95-110.

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