Am I dead?

i dont think i exist anymore, i think i died a long time ago, and am just here existing.

Hmm well im alive and you typed on the keyboard which means you have a body, and a brain. So my conclusion is, no youre not dead

With all the changes that have been going on in the World and personally I have wondered if I were in purgatory, or a different World entirely but being into history I know that things can sometimes change dramatically in a short space of time and I guess this is one of those moments.

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I have thought this before that I died a long time ago at a suicide attempt. Sometimes i wpnder if old friends ever wonder if we are still alive and miss us.

When i first had my very first psychosis… my parents immediately took me to the hospital. I then realized (delusionally) that everyone that made it adult was in heaven. The earth was heaven. I thought a demon was trying to take me to hell and if i beat the demon i would get to live in heaven… weird af i know

If you ever ask “am i dead” that’s how you know you aren’t dead.

Death is a state of nothingness, something we’ll never experience.


I don’t know. I died in my dreams already…I don’t want to die.

Only your mortal body on this plane of existence can die. I believe your consciousness is immortal and is reborn or moves on to a different plane or dimension after your mortal body is gone. So are you dead? You have died most likely, many times before, but you still exist in this section of spacetime and your mortal body is a living being. So i would call that alive.

I sometimes wonder if I am not in some kind of suspended animation or other kind of mind trap like in “Total Recall” or “The Matrix”. I see a lot of surprising coincidences in my daily activities. One time our group went on an outing and I had a bad cold. I went on the outing in spite of the fact that I was sick. A Red Cross commercial came on the radio saying, “Stay away from people who are sick.” “If you’re sick stay home.” Another time I was delivering pizza and I was delusional and angry, and I heard people on the radio talking about a pizza delivery guy who was being rude to his customers. I’ve gotten a lot of coincidences like that, enough to make me wonder …

Not literally. But not experiencing the feeling and the joy of life can make you feel you’re dead in a way. I am like anyone else on here but I can still enjoy at least looking at nature or pretty girls or other things and I can appreciate being alive. I still find many positive and humorous things in life that I can enjoy so that’s being alive.

I am not a vibrant, full of life person but I still have moments of peace and contemplation where life isn’t so bad and people don’t seem so bad.

I’ve experienced schizophrenia for 36 years. I’ve seen and experienced some of the bad parts of life through mental illness and drug addiction and physical problems and poverty. Now, at age 55 I’ve paid my dues and I appreciate life in many ways and I appreciate occasional serenity and all my suffering makes me appreciate more the good parts of life.

No you seem to be quite vertical yet. But I understand totally where you are coming from when I had my first psych admission I told the intake counselor that I felt dead, literally, so I don’t think what you’re feeling is uncommon, perhaps in the Normie Way Galaxy it is but otherwise no.

After a few near death experiences, the worst of which last year, i appreciate life as well no matter how tormenting and stressful and unfair it may be. I just count the few blessings i do have and am happy to have at least those. There are always others worse off than you so just be thankful for what you do have, life in particular.

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You’re pretty loud for a dead person.


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Were you the one on my back porch by the water bowl? If so…we buried you.

I also believe in a Collective Consciousness which we continue to be part of when we die, however, I think all of us are physically alive in our shared reality. I do not think you are dead.

Have you ever heard about the theory that the whole universe is just a computer simulation? I think Elon Musk supposedly thinks this to be the case. Although i find that contemplating how insignificant we all are helps with not taking things personally. Also you aren’t dead, no one who’s died has come back to tell us if anything happens, but i think it’s similar to not being born so just imagine that and compare what that was like with the present. :sleeping:

That’s what X and V would tell me, that everything here is just a computer simulation and that nothing here is real. That She has the power in this made up digital world, and everything about me is able to be edited by her. She can rewrite memories, personality traits, everything that makes me unique, she can change it.
It’s scary, and I don’t know sometimes if I’m still trapped in it or if I was able to wake up when she put me under.

I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s something not in your control. I’d focus on things that i have control over and not worry about deities or anything. That would just leave me all anxious.

I don’t think I am dead but I have a belief that I am being controlled inside and out and that my world is staged. I think it is staged by real people and that the world is real but I still think it is staged and fake for my benefit. I may not be dead but I am completely controlled (mind, body, memories, thoughts etc.) and I live in a staged world. Not a computer simulation but may as well be.
Meds help me function despite that. I hope you are taking meds. They do help.

I honestly think this is all a simulation like that movie Source Code. Little things hinting that there are clues to it happen all the time. Perhaps I am visited by fourth and fifth dimensional beings with the voices. Perhaps this whole life fits together to make a coherent story, perhaps bizarre (extremely bizarre) dreams are glimpses into other dimensions of space time. I know my life is far from normal and that there is something strange going on with it- I just do not know what it is.