Am I a wimp or am I strong

Am I a wimp, do I stand up for my rights as a women of how I’m supposed to be treated, or am I brave to suffer and live thru all I have experienced?

I advise you not to think of yourself as a wimp. That is too critical, and can make you depressed. Also, I advise you not to listen to another person who might call you a wimp.
Your sentence is confusing. If you stand up for your rights you are being strong. Doing nothing would be the other extreme, what you call being a wimp.

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Yes @Here4You it was a little too harsh, we all here are very brave and strong.

Almost always, you have to get out of your comfort zone to make positive changes.

Sometimes suffering, especially at the hands of others, isn’t necessary.

I think it depends on the situation,

But your already very strong dealing with schiz.

If you have suffered a great deal, and have survived, then you are strong.