Am an angel

I am an angel i found my wings again
i have a mission from God to save those who are lost
to save thoses who are in a dark place
People who try to kill themselves the jumpers
fly to them and catch them
tell them that God loves them
only problem i have is that my husband dont believe am an angel and has locked me
in the house with the keys and he is sleeping
going to try and find the keys hopefully i find them
and i can then save people

Hmm…angels have flight and other powers…so if you cant fly and touch your nose…you should probably call someone…wake ur hubby up and go to the er…yea the er needs some angels…

Angels…you mean valkyrie…come to claim the worthy dead…thats where angels were stolen from…an old lady i knew only a few months…said i snuck into her room and kissed her head the night before she died…sweet woman…i was her valkyrie…

no am the kind that saves from killing themselves show them that God loves them and they can help other people they become living angels too
we have wings of light and love

Theres no such beast that wears humes body…is your body human? Your. A sweet hume child like me…

Hey. @ParanoidAndroiduk Are you feeling alright? Can you wake your husband up and let him know what’s going on? You’re having delusional thoughts. You’re not an angel. It’s really not safe for you to try to leave the house without letting your husband know what’s going on. What time is it where you live?
@Minnii. @Rhubot. @velociraptor

i woke my husband he just shouts at me about it 7.38 am
he keeps saying am not an angel that i need to come to terms with my step dads death 5 years ago he says its because its his birthday at the end of July he says am ill because of that
but i have wings he cant see them because he dont believe
i need to save people my husband gone back to bed

.talk with your doctors when they open…if it gets bad go to the er…

Hey, you’re not an angel darling. Your illness is playing tricks with your mind, you can’t fly please don’t trow yourself out of a window, it’s very dangerous. Call the emergency number on your phone, or your pdoc first thing in the morning.

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I’m really sorry about your step dad’s passing. It must be really sad for you especially with his birthday coming up. My dad passed away over 10 years ago so I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one.

Can you or your husband call your pdoc this morning and let the doc know what’s going on with you? Are you currently on meds?

yes am on med just took my morning meds my husband just keep shouting at me telling me to grow up and listen to him he dont understand why i need to save people am on the ground floor
my husband hid the keys …i can call my dr as soon as the drs open

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Oh that’s good that you’ve taken your morning meds. Yeah, definitely call your doc.

my husband says i need to have a shower as i havent had one in a week
he says av got to try and shower …brush my teeth


want to save them …if i dont save them its will be my fault they die
God will be angry with me

God wont be angry at you, it’s not your responsability to save anyone, please call your pdoc.

God loves you unconditionally…have you been in the sun much…a lil suns goood for us…

Call your pdoc. You can always shower after that. And don’t worry, cause God is not angry with you.

its not that sunny in Scotland av been trying to get more Sun But it always looks rain
Last week i went to PRIDE was on the buses for disabled / people with anxiety issues
came out of the bus at the end of the march and then if lashed it down
tried to call them there not open yet i think they open at 9am its 8.38 am at the moment

i dont need my p doc …God wants me to help people save them save my step dad

Please call your pdoc!!

Your not an angel. You need something strong like haldol to get rid of that thinking