Always question your psychiatrist

As a person who has been taking psych meds ever since I was a kid - it is very important to be prepared with questions for your doctor. If a doctor prescribes you a medication - ask him or her questions about it - what are the side effects? does it have a proven track record for my symptoms? is it weight neutral? how safe is it? do you prescribe it regularly? You should go in to the office prepared - always. Inform yourself as much as possible on these meds, after all you are the one facing the side effects and its your mental and physical health that is on the line.
My mistake was when she suggested this one medication for me - (she usually gives me a bunch of meds to choose from- she did not this time) I did not question her enough about the medication itself. She told me why I should take it but I did not ask enough questions - this was my fault. She may have reasons as to why a certain medication should be prescribed to me, but as a patient it is my right to know the reasons behind her decision - I admit I did not know enough about the medication, and I usually am informed on a lot of the psych meds.
Patients - yes even mentally ill patients have rights as well - go to your appointments prepared - you do not have to take a medication if you are unsure or uncomfortable. Ask the doctor questions on a med and it is in our right to turn down a medication if we are not fully satisfied with the doctors explanation - but do listen to your doctor and go in with an open mind - just be prepared and informed and ask away!