Always messaging first

Makes me feel like I’m annoying the person and the only one putting in effort in the friendship. I’m done putting in effort.


Yeah, well,

That’s how you lose friends.

Either put in the effort or dont have any friends dude.

Ita not that hard.

I know what you feel like. I’ve ended up cutting a few people out of my life because I was always the one putting in the effort.

I don’t think the people in question even noticed though :joy:


You shouldn’t be the only one to put in the effort. That’s an unhealthy relationship


Oh yah. Every relationship needs to be fifty fifty. It doesn’t work out if that balance is off.

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Only in fairy tales and cartoons @anon78876561

:princess: :supervillain:

I’ve had that happen but I just stop messaging and don’t really think about it anymore. I have a few very good friends so that’s all I need.


Nah. It’s real life. You have to both work together to be in a successful relationship.

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Mmmmm …

Great minds think alike, but they also butt heads.

If a relationship is 50/50 like you said, there is bound to be arguing, bickering etc etc, resulting, in majority of cases, a loss of a relationship.


They have something in common holding them together, I.e a child.


Well that depends on how you communicate for one.

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But back on topic,

If you’re the one messaging first, you either need to learn how to keep a conversation flowing or just be interesting to talk to.

Sorry, I says it like I sees it.

Please don’t comment on my threads @DNA

I’ve seen your comments around the site and I don’t like your sense of humor @DNA

I’m sorry,

I have free rights, even on the internet.

You can choose to ignore my posts, my friend.

You can choose not to post on his.

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I can’t voice my opinion ?

Didn’t say that. I said maybe not comment on his if that is what he is requesting.

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I don’t like you. Please don’t comment on my threads @DNA

You can call a mod and ask them to block me.

Grow up, maybe this is why you always message first

Sorry, not directed at you @anon78876561

Grow up? Have you seen your sense of humor around here? Your jokes are pathetic. You grow up @DNA