Always feel the need to provide

I guess it’s in order to compensate for the burden I’ve put on my parents financially.
Well we had a lot of messups tonight at the pizza shop I work at and was able to bring home Two large pizzas, a medium, and some wings, all for free! So my dad will have food to take to work and everyone else can eat as they please. My coworkers make jokes saying “She has a family to feed!” and while we are not in poverty, anything helps.


Always nice to get a break like that.

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Good for you. Every little bit helps. Pizzas are expensive, you’re actually saving a lot of money and giving the family a treat.

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Yeah a large cheese pizza at my place is like twelve dollars haha, so I really saved a fortune!
I got a five meat, which is like 17 dollars. and a two topping which is like 13 -14 dollars.
and wings, which are like ten dollars. The medium pizza was the one I decided I would make
for myself in protest of not having been given a raise after a year and half of working there.
nobody notices or cares though.

Stick it to the man!!! LOL

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Nice, I used to work at a fine pizza restaurant when I was 15, it was the longest job I held, stayed two years, began as dishwasher and became cook. We had to pay for our food, the only thing that was free was the iced tea, but i really liked my co-workers, I quit when they gave me a 25 cents raise as that felt like a slap in the face.

I still only make 7.25… :frowning:
I feel I deserve at least 50 cents more. Because I literally seem to be the only one who is able to hold the place together, other than the one other person who has been there longer than me. As stressful as it gets sometimes, I enjoy working. I wish I could work more, if my health allowed it…

I always feel the need to provide too. Sometimes my mom will ask me to pick up groceries on the way home, and I’ll get them, and when she tries to give me money back I’ll usually protest. I know I cost them a lot of money between medication, hospital bills, doctors bills, etc.

When I worked at a library I got a 25 cent raise every year. It did make a difference in the paychecks. Where I work now we get a raise every like…4 years I think, and they’ll give you the money back retroactively for the time you worked on the lower pay scale.

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I feel the same way about my position at my job… It’s a wreck when I’m not there, but I can’t always be there… They always say I could hold the place on my own, as a joke, but in part it’s true. What would all these higher-ups do without people like us? :wink:

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One of my managers actually told me yesterday I would make a really good manager if I could ever work the hours, but I just told her I would be too mean and demanding. Haha. Like more often than not, I am alone making pizzas while people meander about and I just want to scream “COME HELP ME!” so I don’t think I should have the power to boss people around. though I sometimes, since ive been there longer than the rest of them, feel the need to order them to do certain things hahaha. But I always take the task of doing dishes. It’s the most peaceful part of the job. Nobody bothers you when you do dishes because nobody wants to have to end up doing them haha

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I dang sure don’t wanna do the dishes.

I know it feels good knowing we support these places, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wish they would take the pressure off of me. Whenever anyone has a question, even the director of my department (this is her first year so she’s kind of new), they come to me. I wish for once I wouldn’t have to feel that pressure.

Yeah, I was surprised to see the minimum pay in the US is still at 7$25. It’s ludicrous, while Canada has a 10.25$ minimum pay, I think your purchasing power is greater over there. And I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my raise comment, in fact it was hard to juggle my free time and school, I know anything is more and can help, sometimes I need to think before commenting.

I have a feeling the reason why I do seem to gravitate towards the family drama and try to fix it is because I was such a burden when I was crumbling. I was the cause of a lot of drama when I wasn’t med compliant or stable.

So now that I am stable and doing better… I’m feeling the need to put my hand in and try to help smooth family drama… it doesn’t always help.

Especially if the drama is between my sis and my mom. Even my Dad says… “Don’t get involved with the clash of the redheads”

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