- for people who want full freedom of speech

I posted on quite a while back when I still had a schizoaffective dx. It wasn’t always as bad as it now is and has been unfortunately for some time.
Looking back I wasn’t as well then as I am now though. I had my moments for sure.
This place is at least recovery based even if it means for some of us not reaching the final destination but progressing further on the journey.


I just checked it out… Good cosmos…!

For the people who want to see what complete freedom of speech away from the “oppressive” moderation that we do here looks like I encourage you to go to the Alt.Support.Schizophrenia and then report back on how supportive it feels to you :slight_smile:

Here it is:!forum/


I shall lead the path in the future sensei

Just because you can moderate a forum, doesn’t always mean you should. I liked the ‘hands off’ , ‘when needed’ model that Pixel went by.

I think at some point it becomes a ‘publish or perish’ scenario whereby the new Mods feel they have to do something to justify their new position.

And I never said the Mods were oppressive. Overly zealous perhaps. But it is what it is. I have other forums I can go to, to discuss weightier subjects. I’m high-functioning and don’t need to be coddled by anyone. That’s part of the problem, I suppose. There are many on this site who still need to be treated with kid gloves.

Dude, you called this place a Nazi concentration camp, said we were fascists, and said that it’s becoming a dictatorship. I am uncertain about what your definition of “oppressive” actually is.

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Only thing that concerns me is I can’t make a post about what I write when I get psychotic from my illness. I just made a post 45 minutes ago and it was completely wiped away by a moderator and I have no idea why that would happen.

Are you the one who deleted my forum post?

Seriously, @Patrick, the play-by-play analysis and criticism of the mods is getting a little old. We’re all volunteer mods doing the best we can.


I referred it to @szadmin. It had your full name, date of birth and birthplace in it. I asked him to look at it and reinstate it if he felt it was okay.

Listen if we can’t talk about experiences in our lives and our symptoms there’s no reason to congregate on this website. If you think my being a veteran is too much for people to handle I’d reassure you the war has affected everyone. My point is that you shouldn’t delete and just round file what I post it’s hurtful and this website isn’t a newspaper you know? Everyone should have a chance to post their own story it doesn’t help to can symptoms and ptsd from life experiences.

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Since Pixel left the Moderation duties, this site has turned into a Babysitting Nursery for Schizophrenics.

In college, for me 1983, there was an Internet been around a very long time. Just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s ok.

News groups like this one looked just like Craig’s list does now, all just text.

Where’s Malvok? I had a problem with his theories on moderation. If you don’t like it don’t use it. Haters are going to hate.

You are definitely encouraged and allowed to talk about experiences - but within limits. Everything in life has limits - thats how we have a smoothly functioning society generally, and the same goes true for internet forums.

We get almost 1,000 messages/ posts a day here - by far the most busy site in the world for support of people with schizophrenia. Something must be working here despite all the criticism from a few people.

Perhaps sometimes we are overzealous in our moderation - we’re human too, give us a break sometimes. We’re just trying to make the forums a positive experience for people.


I haven’t really been on here that often since my new medicine regime. Im doing alot of work also that doesn’t warrant me access to my office as much as before. But I just get really anxious that someone like me goes to a place to try to get help and meet people with similar experiences and just be completely silenced by the cadre of the site. This is really frightening and makes me feel I can’t recieve help here. Can you understand how I feel right now?

Putting your full name, your location, your family names, etc - is just a really bad idea on the internet in general. we don’t want the responsibility of that kind of thing here. I’m sorry if you disagree with that.

Triggering ideas are also not helpful - we have lots of vulnerable people here. Try to break up your discussion points into a few smaller posts and topics - a full page of text is far too much for most people here to digest anyway.


I come here for answers and usually find one.

I don’t receive Medicaid and our local support groups would cost me almost $300 a month, paid by our county. I wish I could go there instead and talk to people face to face in person, but I cannot afford it they only allow Medicaid recipients in. They have lunches, bowling outings, group discussions.

I’d ask for Facebook chats, those are cool, like the today show has! Then you and the moderators could talk to us realtime.

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Okay I’m beginning to understand what you mean, I do have a pretty intense form of illness. It’s a very frightening and taxing situation. I don’t have much energy and have been running on coffee for weeks. I’m not sleeping well or much either.

But can you imagine how stressful it would be to get harrassed so much in illness? Really tough.

Anyhow, I’ll try a different form of post.