Community guidelines and why they affect those who Suffer


Great to see moderation here fall to it’s natural level where people with schizophrenia are treated differently.

I’ve a long history with this website in all it’s glory. I’ve done well from it. I’ve suffered greatly from it.

I’m saddened that in my day we dealt with people on an individual basis. I’m sad now that the flow of this whole website is anything but.

Nothing new. You can’t be critical but seriously there’s some serious breaches of politic from this website in it’s early years.

I don’t wonder why…I wonder what I’d thought that would get us.

Seriously. Why is it so hard to give a schizophrenics a real voice around here? My name brings some things but honestly you’ve got moderation wrong…

You should be saving us from those who don’t have schizophrenia but prey upon us folk…but oh …your all for that.

Thanks guys and girls…there’s nothing about community standards by saying this is hidden…that is just moderation gone wrong.

Lets support perverts…( rogueone…you are a long time supporter of this website but you support perverts?)

No…but you obviously do.



@rogueone I’m not following you. What are you going on about?



Historically schizophrenics have been treated differently here. You say something against moderators and your banned or this or that but nothing has changed over the years and that is no surprise.

I’ve been a member of this website since 1999 and I’ve seen some changes. I’ve lived through the Dugal era where it was us against them and we were them. Very poor moderation. It seems nothing has changed.

If you want to say a post is blocked or what have you then email me and say why I’ve breached the rules. Your rules are bulldust anyways… You have the final say there’s no venue for getting a say against bans etc. There should be. Most of us are mentally ill and such treatment is against the rules in most things like the red cross.

Your clever…you must be on staff. That is cool…you could perhaps fill me in on the new administration.

Is it still second class citizens for the schizphrenics around here…honestly…most of your posts are way more stupid than mine and you look to ban me quickly and say it’s some community guidelines…focks sake…be honest.

Twenty years later nothing changed …hard to be a consumer around here.


@rogueone if you’re referring to your post that I deleted, it violated the following forum guidelines



I’m trying to behave. I realise I can be overwhelming but if people attack me for nothing that isn’t a brainer for me.

Honestly I don’t care but I’m giving you all some respect and learning to live with this.

I’m not kosher with the history here. But I can move beyond it. Too many good people wasted for nothing but people being predators and such.

I don’t come here everyday but I have a lot to offer.

Paul. Rogueone.


Glad to hear!

We take predatory behavior very seriously, and we want to protect our community, and realize that people with MI can be extra vulnerable to certain kinds of disruptive behavior. If you see any such behavior, please flag it so we can take a look at it. :slight_smile:


People here who are non schizophrenic but who have been reckoned to experience psychosis(a legitimate reason for being here) are not going out of their way to prey on those with schizophrenia. They are supportive members of the community.

The behaviour in question involved a former mod and ended YEARS ago.

Can we PLEASE move past it?


im stealing that gif…


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and that one… ive been collection gifs and memes lately… and random google earth screen shots…

To be honest change is annoying. This site changed through out the years. The changes can be hard to adapt to. When I was posting here a few years it had become chaotic. Now its less so, but there is more control. Its all a balance. In terms of the not sz enough argument thats being knocking around for years too. Probably the reason why you get non sz here, but folks that have somekind of psychotic illness, is first and foremost, the sheer number of people the site can attract. People come here because, they most likely will get a response to whatever they post.

Also bro as a fully paid up schizophrenic , szs tend to be bad ■■■■ crazy and are not stable enough to run and moderate forums and all the stresses that involves. It would also make for bat ■■■■ comment streams on threads, where one would be just feeding off the next. Thats why diversity evens it up a bit.

You dig?

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