Almost got run over

I was about to cross the road at an intersection when I saw two scooters on the other side. I checked for turn signals, but didn’t see any, so I crossed the roads. Turns out they were planning to turn my way after all, and didn’t even brake! One of the guys slightly swerved as I jumped back, and he honked his horn while looking rather pissed.

The nerve of some people!

If you’re not gonna let people know you’re turning, you DON’T have the right to get mad at them for assuming you won’t!


One car tried to ram me once on purpose. Some drivers are not normal.

:frowning: i hope i never ever get into an accident in my car, its other people that i fear, wouldnt want anything to happen to them :confused:

@Pikasaur sound like a couple of inconsiderate twats, its dangerous :frowning:

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