I got driving trolled

A van was following close with its high beams on… i was going kinda slow but it was foggy… so i pull over… they launch ahead so i get on their ass with my high beams… they stop… i launch ahead… we did it 2 more times… after i was like wtf just happend lol…


High beam foggy night leap frog! :hushed:


Be careful there matey. There’s enough idiots on the road these days and that worries me what people do when angry. It’s bad enough over here and we don’t have guns yet people lose their lives to road rage incidents.

Exercise caution. You don’t lose anything but just being a conservative driver!


Yeah that was in the back of my mind… but thankfully they just wanted to play foggy leap frog. Im pretty sure it was a neighbor just being funny… not too many people ride down my little back road.

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