Randomly insulted

I stopped at a red light in my car just before. My girlfreind was in the car with me.
Some random skinny white dude who was crossing the road in front of me got my attention by yelling at me “oi! You want some balls in your mouth!?” Then proceeded to lick this circular sign on a post on the side of the road whilst staring at me. A girl that was walking with him said to him “what are you doing?” And he replies to her " hes staring at me".
I said nothing at the time becuase i was so dumbfounded at his words.
Then he and her walked in front of the cars when the lights turned green.
Then i drove off to do my errands.
He must have been paranoid or scared or something so he lashed out.
As i was driving away i was pretty angry. Lucky im not as crazy as i used to be. Probably would have jumped out of my car back in the day who knows.
Anyway felt like venting about it. Thanks.


I think you did the right thing. :dog::dog::dog:


People are wild.

One day I was walking with my husband, back when we were first dating,and some rando yelled as they drove by “go ahead, I fk’d her too!”

Kindof hard feat for him to have accomplished since I’d only been in NY for 2 days.

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Yeah i hate people yelling random shizz in public. Actually i dont really like communicating with anyone while im out and about haha.

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I’m like that. I only want to talk to whoever I’m with.

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I’d say drugs were involved. Don’t take it personally.

Some people are just ■■■■■■■■. Years ago when I was going out of town a two guys on bike almost crashed to our car since both were making turn. Guy sitting behind rider called me ■■■■■■■■■■■■. Looking back I realize I was sitting at passengers sit and those turds had made wrong turn.

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just some random eejit, might be a bit mad but its good you remained calm :slight_smile:

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Stuff like this from strangers always freaks me out. It’s hard not to feel targeted in some way. Just remember that there are arseholes all over the world and sometimes you get unlucky to cross paths with them.

There’s not really any kind of way of “winning” the situation. If you get physical they can press charges. If you get abusive back you are escalating the situation.

I would feel angry too. You did the right thing in not responding though. Don’t feed their attention seeking ways.

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