Almond Milk with coffee?

Anyone tried it?
I am about to try it.


Just tried it and it tastes like French Vanilla.
It’s good.:+1:


I like goat’s milk with my coffee.

I’ve been using Lactaid lactose free milk in my coffee.

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I have almond milk with my cereal…its good and its vegan too!

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I’m about to have a slice of apple pie with vanilla flavoured custard

I use almond milk in my coffee. It’s healthier. Regular milk I heard is bad for men as it has estrogenic properties. I’m not sure if this is true or not.

I drink soy milk with coffee every day, but I haven’t tried with almond milk.

I did not no you get lactose free milk. My niece is lactose intollerent and I’m sure she doesn’t know about this

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Yes @Fellowman Lactaid is a popular lactose free milk here in the States but they also sell lesser known generic brands as well
I don’t know about South Africa.
But its worth looking.

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I’m sure I’ll find it at one of the upmarket supermarkets. Thanks @Wave

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I use powder or liquid creamer. Sometimes half and half. Milk only if I have to.

For some reason, Wal-Mart and the grocery store have plenty of half and half. It’s milk that’s more difficult to find. I wonder if you can water down half and half with water if necessary to make pseudo-milk for your cereal? :thinking:

I usually never put creamer in my French Press coffee.

My great grandmother used to put more creamer than coffee in her cup.

I try to avoid milk products because they give me abdominal pain. I have fatty liver disease idk if its because of that.

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