Does Almond milk taste good?


Was in the grocery store this morning and was so tempted to buy almond milk. It wasn’t that expensive. Just curiosity more than anything else.


No. No it absolutely does not taste good. I don’t exactly know how to describe the taste, but trust me, it’s gross. Don’t waste your money.


haha I’m lucky I guess


If you get the vanilla or chocolate its not so bad,

But the just plain is pretty gross.


That helps thanks @goldenrex


I love the taste of almond milk, but in my opinion it isn’t so tasty in coffee.

Warm almond milk is good too.
It makes me kind of drowsy and helps me sleep when it’s warm.

Try it @TheBest, you may like it!

Oh yes I get the Vanilla flavored.


My grocery store didn’t have chocolate. I might have tried if they had it.


I usually get the silk almond original.
It tastes good. Took a bit to get used to.
I used to drink 3.25% milk but my girlfriend cares about the cows so I switched to almond milk for her :blush:


I didn’t know cows were harmed when producing milk.


The mass factory farming has a bit of a dark side. But that’s another story.

I like the vanilla one too :blush:


I’m sure your right. Just never thought about it before.


I usually buy either Silk brand unsweetened vanilla or Blue Diamond brand unsweetened vanilla.
The unsweetened varieties have less calories than the sweetened versions.


You guys may have sold me on the vanilla.


I buy cashew milk and hazelnut milk and they taste good…im gonna try almond milk


never heard of those before. I bet they’re expensive


its not expensive…I get 3 bottles fro 5 euro


hmm…I’d try both of those if I ever see them


Rule #1 of non-milk milk: All milk replacements taste awful.


Finally, someone with normal tastebuds. Milk replacements are always gross. Better to just not drink any milk.


taste nuts and when you swallow taste nothing or vice versa