Non-dairy Coffee Creamer? ☕

I usually drink my coffee black, but I decided to buy this oat creamer! It’s actually pretty good!

Have you tried any non-dairy creamers for your coffee?


I’ve tried that oat milk and loved it. I think that same exact brand

I just use milk typically

My mom didn’t like oat milk

No idea why, it’s delicious


That’s interesting, I’ll keep my eye out for it to try


Oatmilk/oat creamer is really good!

I like almond milk in my coffee these days: less calories than milk, and let’s be honest-- much gentler on the ol’ digestive tract :sweat_smile:.


Haha, I getcha! A couple of years ago, I was putting almond milk in my coffee. I usually put it in my homemade cold brew coffee. It was tasty! I haven’t made cold brew in a while, though. :slight_smile:

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I use 5% cream and splenda sweetener in my cofffee.

My dad enjoys these:

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I use unsweetened almond milk and monk fruit sugar alternative…

Starbucks has a nice non dairy creamer too almond milk caramel macchiato…

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The stores don’t sell creamers here. It’s not a thing people use at home. But oat milk in coffee is pretty decent.

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I need to come there and open a specialty creamer shop.


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