"All neck and no meat". WHat the hell does that mean?

Had a dude in my head saying that to me a few times today. WTF is that supposed to mean!?

I think the country boys say that about a girl that won’t put out,which ya know today is not possible to find.

When the voices in my head were trying to make me violent they were saying stuff about women.

Wish I could tell you @jimbob

I’ll be wondering for the rest of my life

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I do think I’m going to start using it at odd times if I can recall to.

It sounds like it means something. People will wonder and I’ll just be like “You never heard that?”

Is this a bad time for an inappropriate joke?
Sounds like the bottom of a whole roasted chicken or turkey.

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Someone else said something similar. It could well be to do with poultry. I mean that makes a degree of sense.

Was a bit freaked out when I heard it but now I am just curious as to why in heaven the voices chose that to say.

what da hell

I suck at metaphors

boo-sack noodle

It does have a UK vibe to it. Something out of snatch or trainspotting.

It means something you have to chew on a lot and get little satisfaction out of - a task with a lot of drudgery and not much reward.

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A neck is a bony piece of fowl without much meat.

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