No one gets the pun behind The Pumpkin King joke

I’m a scary vegetable.

Vegetable which is carved into being scary with fire inside of it.

Because I am a vegetable by default just sitting there drinking coffee reading or studying or drinking or smoking while conversing. But I go to the gym and go nuts lifting weights like its the last forty five minutes of my life. It gets results!

Let’s all be weightlifters and bro fist the other hardcore lifters and talk about lifting routines. Let’s stay out of fighting. That belongs in my past.

Let’s get PhDs in clinical psychology and study highly intelligent patients with schizophrenia and write a book on them, featuring the author. Let’s enjoy talking science and philosophy for hours a day while on vacation. Let’s make straight As for the rest of our lives.

Let’s all be kings of our own little worlds.

if im mad then i’m sad…frankenpumpkin… how to build plantman…etc. it is to the young to dream it is to the old to fill the dreams, carter foreman.

Hi mortimermouse, I hope you are doing ok. When I start to feel unwell I will think of myself in the 3rd person, and this is how you wrote this post. Maybe it’s nothing. Another sign I have noticed is that I start to think in terms of far away, like my writing is about distances of space, like a spacial thing. Beware of these things. Hugs.

i’m a stag,

a stag is big and strong and powerful, it holds its ground and has horns to protect itself,

the horns also fall off at some point leaving it vulnerable but thats ok bc they grow back when needed.

its hard to explain, someone in my class called me an owl the yesterday and said it was bc i was a thinker but thats not all i am even though i am always thinking about what to say and do next, i dont think i’m looking for prey though, maybe i am but its more like i am on the prowl for stimulating conversation and i am always on the look out for the next tasty morsel, he also said something about being wise, dont know about that lol.

a stag is also a castrated pig & there’s more definitions too. look em up online if u don’t believe me. i was called a stag once too if it makes u feel any better and i don’t want to know why. I’m assuming its cause I’ve been alone all my life as far as a relationship goes.

Going stag means going single and not as a couple or not with a guy a or girl in your party it means the person didn’t want to be together a lot of women do it to men so they don’t get the wrong idea

Or we could all take it easy and be janitors. I eat good and have nice clothes. And I buy every new No Doubt cd that comes out, lol.

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I do love science… I do like a bit of philosophy… but when I’m on vacation…

Hummmm… philosophy… Or… surfer girls… I think I’ll have to go with surfer girls on this one.


How many of us are custodians on this site?

I used to be. I started off as a janitor then I transferred to park maintenance… which meant instead of cleaning bathrooms inside the community centers… I was cleaning park bathrooms.

Then I started training for trail maintenance … picking up litter on trails and keeping them safe… into grounds keeping and now into gardening.

Awesome! I like repetitive work. It’s a broken record for me.