I'm not a boy because I'm evil

Missing something. It was chopped off because I’m evil. The theory I believed in. I’m evil, evil, evil.

I’m just a jealous loser. Don’t mind me.

I’m sure you’re not @chordy

You don’t live with me, @shellys12 You don’t live with me.

Women are the best possible chance of everything!

gotta believe it.

you don’t sound evil…

what was chopped off btw?

Not when they make you believe you are the antichrist

The part that makes a male a male.

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oh yea, and you think they chopped it off or that really happened? That’s scary =/

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You’re not evil.

Just this morning, I refused to eat a breakfast that was already made for me.

why did you refuse to eat it?

That doesn’t make you evil.

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When I don’t appreciate it when someone makes an effort for me, that’s evil.

I wasn’t hungry and I hate to eat.

oh yea… it’s ok though… you are not evil because of that.
I do hope you eat enough though…

That’s not evil. If you ask for a break and it’s made for you and refuse to eat it, it’s inconsiderate, but not evil


That’s a good work to use about me. Thank you, @Pianogal I am inconsiderate of what people do for me.

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now if it was French toast with lots of syrup, I’d say,

What’s wrong with you? ha.


It was a good breakfast. Eggs and coffee cake. I am tense and nervous and don’t enjoy the physical act of eating.

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