Eating hot dogs in symbolism

Society invented a harmless way to get even with men.


Wut? 333777333777

@ImaTeaRex, are you feeling dense tonight?

Solid, I believe, hell what do I know

I’m asking you if you didn’t understand my thread.

They just answered your question.

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@pretzel don’t be mean.

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Not every man is like your father @pretzel.

True, but how is a child to get even if it isn’t by eating hot dogs to his face? Another man might be interested if he was the victim of bullying… True, it could be mean to an innocent bystander

I don’t get it?

Hot dogs have been big sellers for years. It’s a good business. Steph, it’s like being mad at somebody and taking it out on a punching bag.

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I don’t get it either.

haha you’re so wicked Chordy :wink:

ok, I’m well aware that you guys are playing stupid. But, I’ll explain, Eating sausages can be thought of as the symbolic castrating of a male.

Wasn’t sure where you going with that. So, u want to castrate a man?

Eating the sausage may be like castration,

But eating the bun is like eating…

Er nevermind, time I left.

Good evening.

Symbolism is only ment to be known by one who was shown… i dont think hot dogs have any deeper meaning… if the shape is bothering you… you may want to avoid corn on the cob. popsicles… lollipops… and burritos…


I would have castrated my father with great glee. He is deceased, thankfully. No, I don’t have anyone in mind. As a matter of fact, I’m a vegan. But there are great tofu hot dogs out there. Like I said, it’s good business.

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lollipops do bother me a bit. It’s just weird.

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There was a Canadian research last year, they tested out the meat in many different hot dog brands and they found out, most contained horse meat, beef, chicken, pork, the labels are all wrong.

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