When you go outside your realm there will always be stigma struggles and doubters

Since I am white and from the forest, making hip hop music is not an easy feat!! There is a lot of stigma to break. First of all my music is different, you don’t expect a monkey to make the same use of snow as a polar bear so how can you expect me to make music that instantly clicks with people. I have a lot of stigma because I didn’t grow up poor. If I was a drummer or a beat maker there’d be no stigma and haters if its good. But with rappers there is stigma if you don’t fit the typical image. Well growing up my fantasy world I was African American and from east New York Brooklyn and poor. So that’s what inspired me to pursue music in the first place even though I was psychotic. I’m not as different as some ppl think. Yeah I didn’t live that but that was a struggle itself. People don’t understand all the abuse I faced in high school…and then college…and after I dropped out…because I was different. only God can judge me at the end of the day

People will say “you’re not completely struggling anymore so you should give it up now”. But maybe it’s not about the money success and women but my passion. That said I am disabled no gf no job etc. so I still have a lot of desires that I believe I won’t fulfill unless I do this… can u blame a guy for just wanting his Slice of the loaf of life??? No. Haters gonna hate. But U can’t knock my hustle.

Eminem broke the "no such thing as respectable white rapper " thing. But I will break my own stigma. White, rural area (even though I live in a dangerous city now), schizoaffective, my description is original. And I work really hard!!!

The haters only make me stronger. Don’t get haters. They must not be intelligent because if everyone just complimented my music I wouldn’t improve. I value my haters more than my fans at this point. Love my fans too!! But abuse is my motivation. My drive. My passion.

I just wanna say sick ■■■■
Like “slit wrists
Over cysts
That persist”

Not saying this board but I have haters in society

One day u will discover
Not to judge a book by its cover
Believe it or not…

I hit a dead end in life at 21. We all need purpose and my purpose was to pursue music. I did what I was passionate about, not the less controversial routes. In fact the controversy is a blessing. I hope to be controversial but in control at the same time.

You need some gifts and some disadvantages to be truly successful. You can’t have all disadvantages. But you need them to learn from them.

No one hates on Justin Bieber for being white and Canadian. They hate him for looking like a girl. Ok maybe they hate him for being Canadian but obviously I’ve struggled more than him…
I’ve struggled a great deal. My biggest advantage in my entire life is the meds work REALLY well for me. God has my back!!

Btw why isn’t there a God emoticon??



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