Do you drink on antipsychotics?


Do you drink on your meds? How much and how often?


Last time I got “drunk” I blacked out. I have drank 2 beers on it at my house though and been fine.

But today I have 140 days sober free from alcohol and marijuana.


6 years sober. Don’t want to go back.


Some weekends I will have up to five drinks. Usually just have none. The thing is driving- no driving if I have had more than a couple of drinks.

I got shitfaced in February and I had the hangover from hell, so that’s not happening again.

I drink socially and moderately these days. Like one strong drink or a couple of beers, and only with other people. It doesnt seem to effect my symptoms, it just makes me disinhibited which brings out my retarded side and I seem a little edgy. I get liquid courage on top of being narcissistic and an egoist, which is always interesting. Lots of alcohol does make me feel relaxed and not care about my problems, also makes me a bit euphoric. By lots I mean two double jagers and a beer.

So yeah, I do, but I drink a little bit socially and am taking medication. I often do disinhibited things like sing angrily and loudly in bed after having a couple of drinks. Other than that, it makes me more sociable and say what is on my mind a bit easier. Normally I sort of have trouble putting my thoughts into words at moments, but with a stiff drink in me, I just talk and am irreverent and a bit impulsive, but ultimately I keep myself in check and end up being a stereotypical emo kid.

I drank extremely heavily before I got on medication, like far more than five drinks tops. I would drink a fifth and then spike my coffee in the morning, sometimes had a beer before going to lift weights. It was ■■■■■■ up. On my 20th birthday, I was on only 40mg of Geodon, just got started on it, and drank six Irish car bombs and a handle of Bailey’s, then threw up and drank more, for example.

I was that guy who mysteriously never blacked out, I had quite the tolerance. I remember drinking moonshine while playing xbox one night and still winning at the video game. At parties I would be walking and talking just fine with a fifth of fireball in me, while other kids were throwing up. I remember playing liquor pong with my old friends from high school, and I was the referee. I paused the game, drank all of the cups on the table and poured a shot back into each of them, and that was just to get warmed up.

Alcohol is effective self-medication for psychosis, that is the problem. Each drink is like .25 mg of alprazolam, so a whole bottle really does make one not give a ■■■■. I would know.


No. No. F*ck no I don’t drink on antipsychotics. Last time I did, I blacked out. That’s not happening again.


i find my drink sedates me more i enjoy drinking, its helpful in times of stress, its the only drug that agree’s with me,i get a kind a high of it


I don’t drink. Not because of APs, I just don’t like it. I also don’t smoke or do any drugs. Life’s too short to be putting that stuff in your body.


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Life’s too looooong. I just don’t do it because I don’t want to end up in rehab and/or a hospital. There’s always next life though I’ll drink lots of wine and beer in my next life I believe.


No not often at all. Maybe a beer or two every two weeks and socially.


For a while I drank heavily on the med’s. I was drunk three or four times a week. I’m sure it took a heavy toll on my liver. Lately I’ve been staying sober for several weeks between drunks. I’m working on my fourth week since my last indulgence. For a while I was getting drunk once a week, but I cut back.


I’ve been on meds for 17 years now and went through a partying stage. I mixed heavy drinking and drug use with my psych meds. The only time I had a bad reaction was when I took a handful of Klonopin and downed it with a few 40’s. I blacked out and when I came to I was screaming at my mom. That was such a bad time period. I did a lot of drugs but was only addicted to pot. I was desperately trying to numb my emotional pain.
Eventually though I lost all desire for drugs. Another switch flipped in my brain where I don’t have the desire to drink like I used to. This time last year I was splitting a case of beer with my mom a few times a week. Actually last Christmas I drank 18 twisted teas. I didn’t get hung over, but they were just so good I couldn’t help myself. I really don’t drink much anymore. Now that I take Klonopin everyday I have to plan when I’m going to drink so I don’t take it that day. I’ve been on it for a few weeks now and have only drank on Thanksgiving. It’s funny I can take it or leave it now. :sunny:


I don’t drink anymore and I take it very seriously. I used to party almost every weekend when I was in school. Now I tell my dad to hold off on the Bourbon in the bread pudding. I just don’t want my liver to outsmart my pills any time soon.


I’m too health conscious nowadays.

I get occasionally invited on events. I go, take a shot, that’s it.


I crave it still but I think it’s best I refrain from drinking. I am trying to lose weight and drinking can put on the pounds. I don’t drink Kool Aid anymore either. too much sugar.


I like how extreme you go about describing your self and experiences. You can easily put up words together which is brilliant I see. Good luck on your journey with psychology I do wish you every best. If you reach your top maybe I will visit you in the states to get your review about my situation. Best regards man.


Alcoholism runs in my family so I knew I had to be careful. I drank every weekend in high school. After I gradated I would drink two or three times a week. When I drank, I drank to get drunk. That meant a minimum of a six-pack of beer. (I never really got into wine or hard liquor, it was always beer). I got sick when I was 19 and after that I only occasionally drank. I drank at Soteria House before they cracked down and enforced the no drinking rule. And when I was hospitalized for 8 months after Soteria I only drank once. It was there I was first medicated. I largely gave it up until I was about 23 or 24. Then (while on my medication) i started having a few beers with my neighbor on the front porch after work. It was about this time that I remember my mom telling me to be careful because my dad and my grandfather were both alcoholics. So I ended up getting addicted to crack instead. Incidentally I lost touch with the neighbor for ten years, when I saw him next he was a recovering alcoholic, so that should tell you something. But I quit ALL drugs and drinking in1990. I guess I would say that people will have to choose drinking or not on a case to case basis. A couple of beers at a time were fine for ME. But led me right back into getting drunk often again. If you want to drink consult your doctor. Getting drunk a lot can’t be good for any schizophrenic.


I used to drink heavy 3 times a week for years, now i am on the low dose of my med i am feeling better, i feel desire to drink, but its too early to drink. Since august i started reducing med and now i am going through littlw withdrawal symptoms. My brain is still adjasting, maybe i will drink in a month. A month is enough to balance to a low dose.