AKT1 Gene Could Help Identify Psychosis, Memory Loss Risk In Marijuana Users

Researchers have identified a gene which can be used to predict how susceptible a young person is to the mind-altering effects of smoking marijuana, an increasing concern as the cultural movement shifts toward legalization. Around one percent of cannabis users develop psychosis. It is known that smoking cannabis daily doubles an individual’s risk of developing a psychotic disorder, but it has been difficult to establish who is most vulnerable.

Previous research has found a link between the AKT1 gene and people who have gone on to develop psychosis.

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I’d like to see some research about marijuana addiction. I mean I played in a band with some serious pot heads and was no stranger to the drug scene (though never felt comfortable within it) But my friend, who about a month ago stayed at my place for a couple weeks has an addiction to it I didn’t think possible. I mean he shows up having been sober for months and he’s fine, and then he finds a very small amount that must of fallen out of another friends pipe on my living room floor.

Next thing I know he’s going for “walks” looking for roaches on the sidewalks and parking lots…and he finds them. So he gets his check and buys a bag which he goes through in a day. I come home and my furniture is all pushed away from the walls and he’s pacing maniacally between going for crawls on my floor looking for little bits that he might have dropped. He’s done hard drugs too, hates heroin and figured crack to be too much trouble. His addiction is to weed and it’s as bad or worse than any addict I’ve ever met.

He also has schizoaffective disorder and I believe that it’s running out of either money or pot after these binges of his that he goes into psychosis.

too little too late I’m afraid :frowning: this research might have saved my ass.
only 1% of heavy cannabis smokers go on to develop psychotic disorders though eh? talk about bad luck!