Akathisia (restless legs)

So I am taking Geodon 120mg and without 1mg xanax twice a day and 80mg of propanalol, my legs move uncontrollably. I am not experiencing it right now because my doc prescribed me xanax, but I am afraid that i wont get refills on it. Geodon, propanalol and xanax all together have me symptom free, its like I am cured, but xanax is typically used short-term only. I am worried about my next appointment when we discuss what will happen, I feel cured now and I just want refills on all of my meds.

But what I have to ask is have you experienced akathisia, and what did your doc do to help it? Geodon works but the akathisia, when I dont take xanax and propanalol, is ■■■■, just miserable and makes it impossible to relax.

I had it during withdrawal from Ativan and occasionally get it when I am very tense. The propanalol I take – even 10 mg, helps quite a bit. I’ve also noticed that when it disappeared when I went for a long walk during the day. Best of luck with this.

I developed akathesia when I was taking abilify several years ago. It didn’t stop after I discontinued the abilify. It became permanent. So my doc prescribed clonazepam and benztropine (Cogentin). The two work well in controlling it.

And I’ve been on that combo for nearly 8 years. At times, I’ve voluntarily stopped taking the clonazepam. And I had only minor withdrawal. But the akathesia came back full force.

If you have akathesia, your doctor should treat it in whatever way possible. As a former psych nurse, I know that it’s a major side effect that can make you miserable if left untreated.

Unless you have had problems with addiction in the past, I don’t see you having a problem taking Xanax long term. In this case, you NEED it to treat a serious problem.

Hope this helps.



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As long as you can show your prescribing doctor that you can be responsible with your Xanax tablets, this will increase the chances (IMO) that the doctor will refill your Xanax without incident. I take Xanax myself for an anxiety condition and my doctor has continued to prescribe it because he knows that I’m responsible with my prescription. (ex. not taking extra, not sharing them).

I wish you the best,
~ Andy

@radmedtech I had a lot of akathesia from Abilify, when I was on it a while ago. I also took extra doses of clonazepam.
I take clonazepam on a regular basis due to severe anxiety.

thanks, i am taking xanax for anxiety and it also happens to stop my akathisia.

I was told by my rheumatologist to tell my pdoc about the tremor I have. I have a really obvious tremor, mostly in my hands. This has occurred since i"ve had an increased dose of Loxapine. My husband said " there’s nothing else that works for you. You will just have to suffer through the tremor. " So fine. But this week I began having tremors in my tongue. I will NOT allow them to give me a med that causes me to stick my tongue out all the time. I"m taking Cogentin but it only works a little bit. People often ask me about my tremor. What should I do about this?

propanalol is known to reduce tremors, along with most other blood pressure medications. I take it for akathisia and it helps, but a benzodiazapine will probably stop your tremors. Clonapin is a good option, it lasts all day. I take xanax because I lift weights, i wait for it to wear off, lift, then take it again. Cogentin is supposed to be really effective, maybe you need more of it- i take a significant dose of propanalol.

But benzos will probably stop it. Just ask your doctor about Klonopin, it sounds like you need it. Benzos are addictive and not handed out like candy, but in your case, it sure sounds like the doc will give you what you need.

I already have a script for Ativan. Maybe I will try taking that and see if it works. If so, I will request a script for Klonopin since that is not as addictive.

Benzos are all effective, and they work in less than an hour, typically. I feel calm again within an hour after taking my xanax. they’re tranquilizers, first and foremost, so they should help. Good luck!

Both Ativan and Klonopin have the same abuse potential profile. But Klonopin is superior in that it lasts longer. It has a half-life of 20+ hours.

Hope this helps!



Epocrates Online, 2013

Thanks for the advice. Yes, taking one pill a day would definitely be preferable.
Blessings in return.

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I got this restless legs syndrome after I started taking these antipsychotics. It got so bad that I could not sleep at all for many days and then I walked to the hospital from where they prescribed me some pramipexole. This med really helps, but it a kind of ridiculous that I have to take other meds to counter side-effects of other meds.

Then I have also developed another symptom, I do not feel anything in my feet, which is why this health issue is being studied more and I have to see the doctor in this week after taking my blood tests, they call it as neuropathy and my diabetes may have caused it, although according to a blood vessel surgeon there is no problem in my blood circulation. My diabetes may have been caused partly by Seroquel.

I have this involuntary vibrating movement in my left leg. Last week my left thumb was twitching involuntary for about 3 hours. I’m so afraid it is the beginning of akathesia or even worse TD. I’m seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow. I hope she can assist me in some way. I’m on 25mg Abilify at the moment.

Wow this was over a year ago. I had a couple of epsiodes that set me back from symptom free to 80% symtpom free.

Still on the same meds. Today has been rough, I had to call my therapist. I am working on a project now and feel better, at least occupied.

It seems to me, that the newer atypicals - Abilify, Geodon, Latuda, Saphris have a pretty high Akathisia, Restless legs risk - this is one of the big reasons why, I steer far away from them

That’s correct, I have a textbook on prescription drugs and the incidences of akathisia are pretty bad for newer antipsychotics.

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4 years ago when I first tried Abilify I had terrible akathisia on it, so bad that I couldn’t really sit down for more than 30 seconds, I was pacing all waking hours, 16 hours a day, I even paced while eating, I was on 15 mg I think. 4 years and many medications later my doctor wanted to try Abilify again, this time the long acting injection, she said it’s supposed to have less side-effects than the oral version. I have tried a lot of the other meds and due to side-effects can’t tolerate them. When I was first put on Abilify there was no long acting injection, now there is. The long acting injection is supposed to have much less akathisia and for me that is true, I feel very little to none akathisia on 300 mg of Abilify maintena, I do get akathisia from my 160 mg of Ziprazidone and 2,5 mg of Risperidone, but that I can live with, I pace about 2 hours a day currently. Previosly I was on Fluphenazine long acting injection instead of Abilify and the akathisia was much worse.

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I was put on flupenthixol depot a few years ago and the akathisia was unbelieveable. I could not sit for longer than 30 seconds and although I was put on procyclidine and propranolol nothing I tried stopped it. It took six weeks after I stoped taking the depot for me to return to normal. I have tried many different medications and have not suffered the same since then. I am now on 200mg haloperidol depot and have no akathisia.