Tips to deal with Akathisia?

I’m on 160mg of Geodon and recently have begun experiencing akathisia. I couldn’t sleep until 4am last night because of it.

I talked to my doctor and he upped my benzo and said that should help, but if it doesn’t we can try another med to deal with the akathisia.

Any coping strategies I could use?

I guess 160mg is a pretty high dose. I took cogentin years ago for akathisia, and when I was in the hospital I took clonazepam for it, which is a benzodiazepine. Neither of them helped the akathisia. They were absolutely useless. The best way to deal with akathisia is to prevent it happening in the first place. Prevention is best.


I have restlessness and anxiety caused by abilify. I found a supplement that gets rid of it for about 9 hours.

Beta Alanine.

I have no idea what the long term effects of taking it are though. So take it at your own risk.

Take 1500mg (2 capsules) and you’re good to go.


Every antipsychotic I’ve taken gives me akathisia in varying degrees.

I’m still trying different meds every couple of months, hopefully we find one that doesn’t cause it before we run out of medicines to try.

Cogentin and Propranalol don’t help as much as they should. I don’t know any tip other than try a different medicine and even that might not work. Most people don’t react that way to every medicine, I think I’m treatment resistant.

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Pregabalin/gabapentin helped me

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Oh that’s right i forgot to ask for gabapentin. Isn’t that neurontin? I’ve heard about it once before but it slipped my mind, I’ll mention it.


Yeah is neurontin


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