Akathisia and meds


so the side effect ive noticed having on Abilify maintena is akathisia, im taking Akineton and L-Theanine (thanks to everhopeful) what else is there i should try? magnesium? i have benzos but id rather be off them


I got it bad early but it passed somewhat. I still get a mild version on zyprexa and always have. I go to sleep rubbing my feet together. If it’s early I would see how it goes. Up to 6 weeks is usually a good guide!


Propranolol is usually the first line of treatment for akathisia.
There is also cogentin or you could try otc benadryl.


sorry im in europe ive never heard of these drugs here


I found that in Europe, propranolol is called hemangiol.
It’s basically an old blood pressure med that has used in psychiatry like akathisia, anxiety etc…

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i will ask my doc but i dont think my insurance covers this, does L-Theanine reduce akathisia ?


I don’t know, if akathisia is bad otc supplements usually don’t help unfortunately.

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so that means that vitamin B6 wont have much of an effect either and i should save my money for more akineton


Hey rogueone, I do the exact same thing with my feet when I am going to sleep. I have been worrying that it might be something to be afraid of, but you are pretty well adjusted and if you deal with it successfully that makes me feel better. Do you think the exercise you get playing cricket helps with the akathisia?

I’m also on Zyprexa


Probably, if akineton works for you.
I tried a lot of stuff before being prescribed propranolol.
But it was the only thing that worked for me.

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yes akineton acts like a narcotic it feels good pacing on it with music

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I’ve been exercising heaps and it’s better but still. Take zyprexa at night and rub those legs together. It’s a small price to pay. First week on abilify when I tried it years ago was nuts…just couldn’t settle down. Zyprexa is so much better for me in a lot of things!


On zyprexa I had this problemo very bad.

When I went onto clozapine it disappeared. Thank god. Cause it was terrible

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Cogentin works for me. I took 2mg at night and 1mg in the morning when I was on Haldol.

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Propranolol helped me, if you can get insurance to cover the European version. I took 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night.

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Talk to your doc about it! Call saying what problems you are having.

I was having that problem too and he prescribed another med. It was 1mg of risperidone, but he could prescribe another different one. It didn’t help on the beginning, but after I reduced to 0,5 mg I never had that problem again.

Good luck! Ask your doc, it’s their job to help you :wink:

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Gabapentin helped me

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