Airplane the movie painting

Please enjoy


LOL that is awesome. You are really good and you must have great dexterity to get it so small.

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Thank you, I am just trying to stay distracted so I don’t do stupid things.

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From IMDB:
While the plane takes off:
Hanging Lady: Nervous?
Ted Striker: Yes.
Hanging Lady: First time?
Ted Striker: No, I’ve been nervous lots of times.

I think you have found an excellent way to spend your time. In my opinion you should never demean a talent. I wish I could paint like that.


That’s unusual and cute, I like your new colourful artworks - and so small. I’m glad you are distracting yourself with positive things!

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The tiny format stuff looks great. You’re able to get a lot of detail in to a small space.

How are you feeling lately?

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Yeah, how are you doing?

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Quit calling me Shirley.


I am not well. I probably need to be hospitalized, I am going to loose my house and I hate myself for not being able to take care of Katie… She wants me to go back to work because we can’t live without the money… But I know working again now will lead to nothing good for me… And I don’t know how to straighten up and just be better.

I am lost scared and hate myself for being this way.

Don’t hate yourself.You have a disease. You didn’t choose it and it’s not your fault that you have it. Hospitals suck but they are temporary. If you lose your house then get an apartment when you can. I wish I could help, I hate to see someone who seems fairly nice and intelligent have to go through this suffering. You will work again when the time is right. Now is the time to take care of your (mental) health. I wish you luck.


My brother would ask this of himself. It’s not something he could do with out some help.

You have so much on your plate. You’re trying to get better, you’re trying to save the house, your trying to get a good doctor.

You had mentioned getting your art career off the ground. This might be the time to focus on that. I know you want to take care of Katie, but you can’t do that when your trying so hard to hold on. Have you looked into art shows, or seeing of places will sell your work on consignment with a low take in the percentage. Not every place want’s to skin the artist.

I wish you didn’t hate yourself. You are talented and you have so much knowledge. I hope some help comes your way soon.

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@sasha. One way a person could look at life is as if it was like a series of spins of a roulette wheel. Every moment, a new spin is dealt for you. Sometimes it is a painful outcome. Sometimes it is enjoyable. You’ve had a series of bad spins. No one on this board would deny that. However the wheel is always spinning. You do not know where it will land next. Learning to hold on when you get a chain of bad spins is one of the hardest but most important ways to cope with living.

Impermanence is one of the inalienable truths to existence. The wheel is always going to spin and you will never be permanently stuck in the same position or result.


Thank you both. I will figure something out … I think. Art does sound good I just hope I am not shunned for not being able to provide for Katie. I hope her parents don’t hate me

Hey @sasha, I wouldn’t worry too much about Katie’s parents. If they have an ounce of intelligence, they will know you went above and beyond for so long despite your illness and symptoms. I encourage you to apply for SSDI. If you need advice or tips, feel free to PM me. I’m rooting for you!


@futomimi Great painting!

I love from the first remade start trek movie with Chris Pine and all them, not about an air plane but funny quote about flying…at least I found it funny…

Flight officer: You need a doctor.
Dr. McCoy “Bones” I told you people I don’t need a doctor, damn it I AM a doctor!
Flight officer: You need to get back to your seat.
Dr. McCoy “Bones”: I had one, in the bathroom with no windows.
Flight Officer: You need to get back in your seat, NOW.
Dr. McCoy “Bones”: I suffer from aviophobia, it means the fear of dying in something flies.
Flight officer: Sir, for your own safety, sit down or else I’ll make you sit down…

He goes on in the scene with another explanation that he hates space and Jim (I think a bit sarcastically) asks him if he realizes spacefleet operates in space…but not sure if it fits here.

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@sohare1981 That is a really good scene. I think J.J. Abrams is one of the cleverest director/producers in Hollywood. I loved what he did with Star Trek and am excited to see what he does with Star Wars. Star Wars needs him desperately.