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With the new OpenAI Sora Model making waves by knocking video generation out of the park and the constant introduction of AI in more and more research fields like biology or, more recently, weather forecast, the impact AI will have on the world over the next decade is already gearing up to be nothing short of massive.

What’s your outlook on AI and its impact on our future? Personally it’s the only thing that gives me hope for my senior years, which would otherwise look very bleak.

  • I am thrilled about the advent of AI. New Era Baby!!!
  • I am cautiously optimistic about the progress.
  • I haven’t formed an opinion just yet.
  • To be honest it makes me worry about the future.
  • 'Tis the devil’s work, I tell you! We are all doomed, doomed I say!!
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I’m not sure yet.

On the one hand, being a slave to the machines when they take over isn’t really what I had in mind for my golden years. On the other hand, my new duties as a slave at an Iron mine WILL get me out of the house.

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Also, they might have a decent dental package.

Artificial Intelligence is really good at pattern recognition and extrapolating that information to an ideal model. For example, faces of the same person taken throughout a decade and compiling that information into a present day photo which is artificial. Also A.I. can distinguish outliers, uncommon events or occurrences from a set data pattern. An example would be picking out a red car from a massive volume of orange cars in an instant scanning each vehicle simultaneously.

How these 2x examples can be applied to the real world is a limitless possibility. Applications have yet to be coded to take advantage of A.I. Computing. One day there will be an A.I. enabled application which will generate millions of dollars in revenue issuing dividends to shareholders such as how Google, Facebook and Microsoft all started.

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As with any new technology, there are pros and cons to AI.

Some of the pros are: eliminates human error and biases (unless the input data has biases), repetitive tasks, dangerous tasks (military drones, police bomb robots, high radiation environments, etc), cost reduction, availability, processing large amounts of data in real time, self-driving cars, to name a few.

Some of the cons are: job loss, data privacy, ethics, emotion (compassion, kindness), creativity, to name a few.

I remember when computers replaced elevator operators. Everybody was scared to get into elevators. Now people don’t think twice when getting into an elevator without a human being at the controls. I expect the same shift in public sentiment towards AI.

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AI will flood the internet with spam that can’t be distinguished from a real person. Already happening with Google search.

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AI cant out work organic life form. AI works only on stored data. It’s just a new technology.

I read a book in which it states there are many more Albert Einstein and Newton to be honoured in the field of AI.

I think humans will always be better than anything because we are evolving too.

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Also our evolution took billions of years. I think to expect to creatr something as magnificent as a human in the blink of an eye (which even 1000 years is in comparison with how long it took to create us) is impossible. Though we can inscribe our likeness upon technology it will never be truly alive or anything

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I know your like a philosophy major… So do you think consciousness is just a grand parlor trick ? I’m reading this book by Antonio dimosio and it’s about consciousness and I feel like what I’ve read so far makes consciousness seem like and allusion. I haven’t finished it and I’m not the sharpest person but what’s your take on that stuff? Like is there really a ghost in the machine…I think I’ve heard people talk about that

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I’m not really sure to be honest man. I don’t know a lot about consciousness. I haven’t really thought that much about it. I believe consciousness takes affect at conception and doesn’t end at death, but continues on experiencing what it’s cultivated in its mind only intensified because it is no longer held to the physical limitations of the brain and body but continues to freely fly in its oriented direction.

If I read that right you sound like thich nhat hanh lol one of may favorite Buddhist teachers :heart: I guess for now it doesn’t really matter but we might have to face this stuff in the future…as far as the implications of understand ourselves more. I wonder sometimes what those challenges will actually look like if we do find out there’s no free will or changes to how we fundamentally see ourselves…

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Hmm I do think there is free will I’ll say that. Ultimately our decisions have to be made in truth tho to be effective so we ought to cling to that. Life is like chess in a way. We’re free to move where want but we can be hemmed in by the conditions of the board. The good thing is this is a wide and complex chess board and it’s similar to computer chess where we have a “recommended next move” at each step. This is our conscience. And all we have to do to win the game is to obey it.

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I m definitely feeling that man but what does it mean for your decision to be made in truth? Like seeing clearly (non delusion)or inline with our conscience?

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I just mean following our consciences and also informing our conscience with learning (not only book learning but also from reflection)

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Never used it,nor I will…
For sure not good investment.

I’ve thought more about it look at some grocery stores and restaurants they use self checkout and restaurants are getting robots too serve the food believe it or not these are all jobs HUMANS can do we don’t need robots taking our jobs that’s just my two cents lol

I am in technology realm because

  1. I was not able to pursue anything related to my course due to illness as getting a job related computers like basic things of ISP or desktop laptop troubleshooting was easier.

  2. That is more widespread and popular nowadays than any other field and if we are good at some technologies we could make more money and it does not need good degree.

Though I had a good degree in electrical and electronics still I switched because of less opportunity in my field and difficult to make inroads in short time as technology.

Now technology is developing far more than anything else as it seems to reduce our time spent on regular activities. We need faster response times on everything. For that cutting edge technology is the answer. At one point it was programming, then Android and iPhone, then cloud, now AI. Maybe down 10-15 years there will another thing.

But I feel like it is a bit worrying for the future generations as we become lazy or more convenient than go out often, talk to people in real, engaged in meaningful conversations, read good literature, produce good talents on other fields etc. It may overshadow other stuff.

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