My friend is younger than me

It bothers me some, but my age doesn’t seem to matter to him. He lost his spouse to lung cancer something like four years ago, and has been alone since then. Both his parents are dead now, and he’s only 47 years old. The most important thing to him is he wants a family, and considers me his only family. He wants me to make amends with my sister so they can be a part of his family as well.

I’ve been alone too since my mom died in 2018, and my sister lives 1000 miles away. I enjoy hanging out with my friend and his company. I encourage him to try and find some friends his own age though. He wants to move to Texas to be where he wants to retire. I was probably going to go with him, as I don’t have anyone here in Arkansas anymore or any reason to stay here. I don’t like the cold, and it’s warmer weather in Texas. So I’m waiting now to see how things work out. He’s currently looking for work in Texas, just waiting to find a job. Once he knows where he’s going, I’ll decide if I want to go or not.

PS: I’m really impressed with the psychiatric and health care they have in Texas


He’s going to have a date for me when he will be here by next Friday the week after Thanksgiving. So he may be here for Christmas.

well I wish you well…it’s nice to have someone I know…I don’t do well alone. I need love…I wish you the best man.


Thanks jukebox. I have a recent picture of him now and I have seen his passport. He sent me a picture of it.

wait a minute…you’ve never met this man? I thought he was a dear friend to you.

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He is we chat every day.

uh oh…no man…don’t move in with him until you know him better…sounds dangerous to me…but that’s just my paranoia about strangers.

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He may decide to stay here for a while. My woman friend’s boyfriend works for Walmart and will put in a word for him there to get a job. My therapist suggested Lowes home improvement store. She says they hire vets.

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where is he now? far away?

He’s in the middle east.

dude, he’s from Nigeria I bet…have you called him over there? yes, you said you chat…this is bad man…I am getting serious bad vibes about this. cut him off. my best advice…I got scammed on a rental property deal by nigerians…has he asked you for money?

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Not much. I sent him a $50 Apple gift card for his birthday. Maybe a couple of hundred for the year that I have known him. I tried to send him a phone, but customs sent it back to me. No big bucks.



He researching what he wants to do in Texas online. From what I seen there’s some technology companies there he could work for there, not going into exactly what he does for a living. He really wants to become a realtor though. He really doesn’t have to work right now though.

He makes $6000 a month and his checks for the last two years are just sitting in his bank account.

If he goes into real estate he could do that here

Idk man, this sounds super sketchy.

He’s in the military but he can’t afford a phone?

When I was an E-3 I could always afford a cell phone. And that’s the rank of an Airman. A pretty lower rank.

Have you ever heard his voice before?


may I ask how you met this person? did he approach you or did you approach him?

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I met him on Facebook, and I approached him. He was in a list of Friend Suggestions supplied by Facebook to me, however Facebook generates friend suggestions.

If he’s got plenty of money then I’m curious why you’re spending money on him (e.g, you mentioned trying to send him a phone, spending a couple of hundred dollars on him, etc.). Did he ask you for money, a phone, etc? Has he spent any money on you or sent you any gifts?


Why is a 47 year old deployed in the Middle East? Wouldn’t he have retired at this point? I think it sounds risky, too. Has he sent you even one gift? Has he ever reciprocated with a little bit of money? I am worried that this doesn’t sound good. Please be careful!!!


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