Aging women, how do you feel about this statement?

“The study, carried out by Allure magazine, found women are considered most beautiful at 30 , show signs of ageing at 41, stop looking ‘sexy’ at 53 and are thought of as ‘old’ at 55.”

A similar article said that most men aging up to 50 would prefer to date a woman 21-23.

How does this make you feel as you get older?

I also saw an advice column for women over 40,

Included things like “smile more” and “stay away from trendy clothing”,

Also “cut your hair”.

Oh boy.


Bullpoo. I am 38. I like my hair long. I literally just washed it so I can finally dye it purple. I’m going to be a sexy birch at 65, let alone at 55. My grandmother is in her 80s and looks amazing (no work done, tyvm). She goes out, always looks perfect, and I say good for her.

I know a male who is 60 something, and he’s always talking about younger women wanting him or him making friends with a very young woman… While I’m okay with two consenting adults being together, him being so focused on much younger women, and seemingly only on younger women, creeps me out. He’s made comments about not liking women’s legs around the time they hit forty. Crap like that. It’s disgusting and hypocritical. Granted, he’s also the type who believes lesbians are into him. :roll_eyes:First, my grandma is an example of a sexy older woman. Second, why be so focused on women half your dang age?! Men at those ages aren’t perfect.


I’m almost 38,

Have long hair that is also blue/purple.

We all know guys like that.

I honestly struggle to see how you could actually have much in common with someone that much younger than you.

Sex aside.

The world is so harsh on older women.


Oh… full disclosure: my husband is older than I by 12.5 years. We’ve been together for twenty years.


My mom is 63. Her boyfriend is 58. They have been together for over 2 years now and are going to go live together.

It’s not all about age, but I also often read ‘older men like younger women’. Not all of them in casu.


It is way harsh. Stories about news anchors getting fired for turning a certain age just ticks me off.


All those rags are caca-doo doo, IMO.

If I do read one, it’s just for the fashion and makeup, maybe a little celeb hot goss thrown in :sweat_smile:.

Women (and people, in general) can be beautiful at any age.

I think confidence and the way one carries themselves has a lot to do with it.

Just my :coin: :coin: :sweat_smile:.


My husband is five years older than me.

It’s enough for us to have had completely different experiences growing up.

Probably because the 90s just moved so fast technology wise.

Congratulations on your long relationship.


I felt beautiful at a lot of times in my twenties but sometimes it’s easier to feel like I don’t care in my thirties. I’m more sensitive and hormonal sometimes though but not in dramatic crying a lot way.

I short short hair myself especially as ageing. Some women look older or just not themselves with short hair though. It’s not for everyone.

I don’t wish to be younger I guess? :woman_shrugging::purple_heart:

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I don’t put any stock into that article. I know a lot of women in their forties and a few in their fifties with longer hair.

This is my husband and me too.


Hubby and I, of course, grew up in different times. Ironically, he was the one with computer and technology experience. He had a computer doing his math homework for him. I didn’t have that sort of access until I married him. But the important things are the same, like that we’re both homebodies.


I think that people that age gracefully without plastic surgery look a lot better.


I prefer women my age.


It’s terrible. I think many women are very beautiful still at an older age. It’s so shallow for those men to choose twenty something’s when they’re 50+. This disgusts me. Never mind the fact that it’s like having sex with your child seeing as how there’s such a big age gap. It really upsets me


Ha! The thing is, we don’t give a fuuck. At 55 a man would have to be pretty damn special to get any of my time attention or love. And they prefer the energetic, people pleasing, insecure little twenty somethings who will put up with their dumb asses because they are just children in a man’s body wanting someone to cook for them and clean for them and still have the energy to suck their dicks. Ef that! If I find an adult who takes care of himself or herself and they would like to do something or have a conversation, that’s fine but I don’t see how my long hair is going to get in the way of our conversation.


I can’t say because I was aware I only wanted a man because of my own insecurity. I was at great risk of being coupled with the very domineering type. Fortunately for my lack of development, it didn’t happen.


My dad’s always talking about marrying a young woman. It makes me mad. He once dated a girl my same age. :angry:


I never wore trendy clothing when I was younger :thinking:


My dad married a woman younger than my sister lol

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Well i am 30, so i dont have a lot to say about that, i guess im in my prime lol. But i know someone thats always dated way older men, she dated a 50 yo when she was 18, and i always found it really creepy. She has severe “daddy issues” and i think that man took advantage of that.