After using Haloperidol, every other AP seems like a sugar pill

Like Haldol used to sedate so much and dull my senses. Now Imbon atypical ap combo and after taking the pills i dobnt feel anything. I even think olanzapine is actually stimulating

I have stopped my Haldol yesterday. Only on Invega 100 mg now. Will see how it goes.

I relapsed on 75mg (Xeplion) Invega previously. Im now on Invega 100mg and 10mg olanzapine

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That’s because some people find olanzapine stimulating.

Be careful. When I would go off haldol I would get a pretty strong rebound effect. Maybe you should tell your pdoc about this and see if you can work with him or her coming off this. If you show them that you are treatment compliant they’re likely to be willing to work with you.

My pdoc said I would be coming off at my next visit next Thursday. I went ahead early to see how I was coping so I could report back to pdoc.

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