Just say it... it's not that hard

Ok then I’ll say it. I have schizophrenia. See? It’s not that hard.

My sis and I have been kicking it here away from the fog and as I was hanging out in the pool a few people said hi. I was in the water so I was safe. A girl spoke to me. We talked and after a while she sat on the edge with my sis. I was just floating around.

The girl shyly asked my sister about me… After vital info was given the girl said… “He’s very different.”
My sis agreed.
The girl asked “I think he’s nice and not to be rude, but… what makes him so different?”

My sis hummed and paused and bit her lower lip and came up with, “well, my brother has had a very different life experience.”

A different life experience? Are you kidding me? Just say it. I say it. I say it all the time… “HI my name is James, I’m diagnosed schizophrenic, I’m a gardener and I live with my sister.”

Why does she have such a hard time saying it when I keep telling her… It’s OK. Just say it. Tell everyone and anyone. Put it in sky writing. She’ll tell a few friends. But it so odd to see her be so odd about this. She says it’s my head and my story. So it’s up to me who I tell; not her. I say… say it.


your sis is showing you respect and love and protection, that is why she just doen’t say it , that’s a beautiful thing !
just as you protect her.
take care


I should calm down about this one and not think she’s embarrassed by me. I can do that. But I still wish she was as comfortable about my head circus as I am.

I announce it in public everywhere, anytime they look scared.
I am a diagnosed schizpophrenic and i am unmedicated;
i am extremely manic, extremely dangerous,
ready to kill, ready to die,
and if you think you have some power, go for it.

Came up with that like a day ago,
so far that’s all I’ve said in public,
several times a day…


Wow, you beat me. I can tell people I’m Sz, but I can’t have that swagger you do.

I’m not a danger to anyone and I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
I’m really not ready to die.

yeah me either; just a line

swagger? ex new yorker among lost californians, guess that’s how it got like this.

too, david lee roth always teaches - “why behave in public if you re living on the plain ground ?!?!?!”

when you overcome the desire to “belong”, (primal instinct, I heard today in “the following” dvd)
well, once you do that you can be a very annoying thing to the rest of your species,
nothing left to hold you back. They counted on that “primal” instinct to belong, in order to control you and keep them safe;
but if you give that up, they really have no way of dealing with you, and they can’t destroy you
because of their religions delusions, so they live in the hell of my creation.


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I agree with darksith.Your sister knows some people aren’t fine with it and she doesn’t want to see you hurt. Her intentions are good.

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People can mind their own business IMO, it’s not something you need to tell people. If they don’t get it then let them educate themselves about diversity on their own damn time. If I ever told someone, which I went through a period and told soooo many people, it was destructive. All a person hears when someone says that is, schizophrenia. A blanket word that misrepresents an entire subgroup of people who all have individual struggles and different lives and personalities. I don’t want to be normal. I just want to be free honestly. If I had freedom, if my soul could cure it, I would abandon this madness. Would I trade my impatience for a perfect blend of nothingness and fade into obscurity with the rest of the blokes who do nothing? Even if it means i can rid myself of the pain of understanding the world in my head and the world around me better than a black stain on existence? I would rather die than be sent to a concentration camp, rather be healthy than a testimant to failed science, and rather be cured than a machine that can’t be fixed! So yeah, I think your sister was simply protecting you because the world is cruel…and schizophrenia to me is beautiful.

I knew before all the crazed serial killer shootings that it was a plot set up by the government to tear apart western civilization, as long as there’s someone to attack someone to marginalize, then there won’t be peace. And they don’t ■■■■■■■ want peace. I wanted peace.

Here’s a hypothetical scenerio: take all the people who care about the world, who are intelligent, passionate, and have political beliefs that represent beauty and justice…now destroy them. Tell them they are sick and then give them an excuse for believing you. Let them broadcast this lie, let it spread like hysteria and cause everyone to starve for one ■■■■■■■ solution. Sell it to them. Sell it to the masses. Then wipe it away and start over again.

I blame them. Why? I’m still stuck on a piece of paper that lies to me. How’s that? Did I do well by them? Do I sound insane enough to you. AM I normal enough for you? Normal enough that I don’t make you salivate with cruel murderous intentions. ■■■■ the CIA. ■■■■ Obama. ■■■■ everyone…burn ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. burn. That wasn’t even written with passion. I could care less. I’m an actress with many disguises and one of them was being like you.

It’s hard to find that balance. I would write it in the sky that my son has sz and I am a proud momma. Anyone who doesn’t understand it can walk away. I don’t however because I’m not sure how my son would react. She is not embarrassed by you. When this happens step in on your own and say whatever is comfortable for you. Sometimes we can acknowledge things about ourselves but when others say it… There are times my son will reference his sz but when I do he gets upset.

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At first, I must admit it, I did not tell anyone about my schizophrenia -SZA My brother knew, he was not well with the stresses of work, and depression - I think his thinking was off a bit, he gets irritable when hes depressed. He did not want to hear about the SZ side - just my bipolar side. Now he is in a much better place in his head, he accepts schizoaffective - SZ this was about him not me. I told my aunt one day out of the blue - I said " Oh yeah I have schizophrenia" she looked at me as if were no big deal she said in return " So whats the big deal, you are the same person I have always known" This is what makes her very cool in my book.
There is no shame in telling someone you suffer with schizophrenia. If they dont accept it, the shame is on them.


Hi Wave, I’m happy for u to have your aunt in your life. I wish it goes well u could meet your great aunt often! :wink:


Thanks goggles, this why I like her the most. She is accepting and never judges, a rare but very positive attribute to posses.


I have great admiration for all of you that is so open about your mental illness. I am still very selective to whom I disclose my diagnosis. My father, my brother and my sister know. Some of my friends know that I use to get delusional and paranoid and that I am getting medicated for it. My landlord knows that I am on disability for psychiatric reasons and that is it. Me and my sister is very close and in her way she tries to be okay with my illness although I can see that she has very little insight. My brother helped me a lot to get my disability approved but I can see that he is uncomfortable with my diagnosis as he cannot even mention the word schizophrenia in my presence. I hope that someday I’ll be as bold as some of you.


My entire family knows. My parents were pretty open when I was younger. I will give my sis the credit she deserves and say that she will talk about it with me, and listen and try to help, but she won’t bring it up. I have to bring it up. She has a told a few of her closer friends. But she won’t tell strangers who ask.

My brothers sound a lot like Wave’s brother… they have gone through periods of acceptance and denial, avoiding me and coming back and getting to know me. The brother I’m having the hardest time communicating with is also going through something dark right now so I don’t think he can stand the sight of me. But my sis keeps telling me that it’s his problem and nothing to do with me. He’s scared about something and not doing well.

I always figure if I tell a stranger and they run away, at least I know up front and then I don’t waste time getting to know someone and then have them run. That hurts worse.

I think I’ve gotten better about telling people that I have schizophrenia. After I told all of my friends a few months ago, and received SO MUCH love and support, it’s gotten easier.

And most of my friends seem to have become a lot more comfortable about talking about it with me. There are a few friends who I’m very close to that I feel like I can be 100% myself with. That’s a nice feeling.

And I agree that if someone has a bad reaction to finding out you have schizophrenia, it’s THEIR problem to deal with–not yours. Never feel bad about who you are!




I have shewa shiza… skoo…

I have shiza shoodoo sher…

I have (big deep breath) shoota shoop shoop…

Can’t do it.


Dont get me wrong, I did tell certain people in my life, those people I know would handle it in their own way. I never tell strangers. I will be even more open with other family members, I am more comfortable in being open


I find that at first the friend that came back needed a day or two of processing time. He wasn’t negative about it, just amazed that he’s known me since 6 and never really knew. He thought it was all drug burn out. Little by little he’s been trying to become more educated and ask questions.

I have to admit, it’s a little funny for me when he starts being “overly P.C.”
We sat at a coffee shop and watched two people jump out of their car and almost come to blows over a parking space. The bike cop moved them on. He shook his head and said, “Man that was crazy insane” then he got all “Oops” and started to back peddle.

It’s interesting seeing people who are trying to be un-offensive can be just as awkward as people who really don’t care.

I did that once. We were watching a movie and I said something about the crazy lady… I felt bad for a minute and asked my son if that reference bothered him and he said no. It’s unfortunate that we automatically draw the conclusion that crazy means insane because it also means extremely enthusiastic. I am crazy about my family :smile:

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